Lucky Star goes Madison Avenue

Madison's (Maddy) Alpines and Experimentals

Maddy won a beautiful Olentangy Alpine doe kid in the raffle at the 2015 Redmond Oregon National Show. This was added to her small herd of Lamanchas. "Rosy" soon was Maddy's favorite kid and remains her favorite doe.


MADISON AVENUE is Maddy's new herd name and you will start to see some of the does in the Alpine family under that herd name.




Olentangy Andretti Tellurous (Rosy) 9*M
S- ++*B GCH Colquette's Andretti LA 91
D- Olentangey Fortune Tellemarkit 8*M

DOB 5/20/2015


LA 4-01 + V V V 87



4-00 171 1874 65 3.5% 49 2.6% (in progress)



PTI 272 246

PTA -37M -2F -4P

About Rosy:

Rosy is a very large doe who freshened with only 1/2 an udder as a 2 year old. Maddy's grandparents, not really wanting a second breed, had bred her to their Lamancha buck producing a doe kid and started an Experimental line. Because of her mammary she was dried quickly after freshening.

Her second freshening also produced another experimental doe kid. Rosy still only had 1/2 an udder and to reduce chores Grandma and Grandpa quickly dried Rosy.

After consultation with a Vet and special friend Rosy was treated the Fall of 2018 and thanks to the help of another friend was bred to an Alpine buck. Upon freshening this 3rd time her udder freshened almost even and she had 2 May born Alpine doe kids.


Rosy was looking good enough to show and she was 3rd place (of 6) 4 year old the Washington State Fair! Maddy is pleased to see this pretty doe starting to make a full comeback.


Fall of 2019 Rosy has again been dried off early but has earned her "star" and with the help of Mark Baden has been bred to *B Tempo Aquila Mastercraftman.


rosyr   rosy s


Rosy as a 4 year old Fall 2019

Lucky*Star's TD Kalipso Rose

Experimental 50% Lamancha 50% Alpine

S-+*B SG Tempo Cai Daniel Reference Bucks

D- Olentangy Andretti Teleurous (see above)

DOB 3/4/2018


LA 1-3 + V V E 86

Excellent in Front Legs


1-00 309 2954 90 4.4% 94 3.2%(In progress)



PTA 101M 8F 3P

About Kalipso Rose:

Kalipso is a very large doe, and "high-bred vigor" comes to mind. She milks well and shows well, as is evident with her milk record to the left, and her first place finish at the Washington State Fair, and her 4th place finish at the 2019 National Show in Redmond Oregon confirm her competitve looks.

Grandma and Grandpa say this doe is very special and therefore even as an experiemental she gets to stay.


This doe was even 4th mammary out of 12 at Washington State Fair. competeing with all ages of Recorded Grades. WOW!


Kalipso is bred to *B Lucky*Star's RD Frisco BUCKS Son of Grandma's all time favorite doe - Xhibit!

These kids will be 75% Lamancha.




Lucky*Star's HJ Lindy Rose

S-Heart Mt Jorah Reference Bucks
D- Lucky*Star's TD Kalipso Rose Vivian page

DOB 4/1/2019


About Lindy:

Lindy very long and typey Lamancha style doe kid.

Lindy Rose was first place April kid at Washington State Fair.

Her doe kids will be American Lamanchas.

She is bred to *B Lucky*Star's RD Frisco Bucks






Lindy Rose Fall 2019             


Lucky*Star's RJ Lithuania

Experimental 75% Lamancha
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's BH Jamaica Rose

DD- Is Rosy above


DOB 3/18/2019


About Lithuania:

Lithuania is the very pretty doe kid who looks very much like a Lucky*Star Lamancha. She has very nice dairy strength and lots of length of body. She was the second Place March kid at the Washington State fair and Reserve Grand Champion. This allowed Maddy to sign her first report of awards on a doe she bred.

Her doe kids will be American Lamanchas.


Lithuania is bred to*B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi.BUCKS


  maddy and Lith maddy sign


Lithunia - -Fall 2019 and Maddy signing report of awards