These are the 2020 kids we retained. A very consistent group of exceptionally dairy kids with beautiful escutcheons. We are looking forward to freshening and selling many of this group as we further reduce our herd size. Most will be for sale as first fresheners or dry yearlings-- if you want a bred doe contact us with your transportation arrangements.





Kids from the Zaray Family

Emmaray's 2020 daughter --Lucky*Star's RJ Memmo





Kids from the Xhibit Family


Kudo's 2020 daughter--Lucky*Star's RJ Modal

Jasmine's 2020 daughter--Lucky*Star's RJ Minty

Favor's 2020 daughter-- Lucky*Star's LL Meta

Leading Lady's 2020 daughter-- Lucky*Star's LL Maybelline

Kasey's 2020 daughter--Lucky*Star's LL Martina



lit viv

Kids from the Vivian Family


Johansen's 2020 daughter--Lucky*Star's RJ Monroe

Liv's 2020 daughter--Lucky*Star's LL Margo




ALPINE 2019 Daughters-- Lucky*Star's LA Lupin Rose and Lily Rose

(now pictured with Maddy's Alpines