Zaray Family
Lots of 91's, 92's and E's in general appearance and mammary!

This family is our most consistant for excellant general appearance. In addition they milk well, show well and pass on their good genes for generations.

Many wonderful lamancha herds have successfully used bucks and does from this line, proving they cross well into other herds.

The does in this family milk over 3,000, appraise 90 or better and usually become GCH when they mature (which can take awhile)!

This line is very poplular with commercial dairies and therefore all buck kids, doe kids and the yearings are often sold.

If you want a buck kid from this family order early.

Kids from this family can be found on the Zaray kid's page.



SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Zaray 4*M
S- +*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's QM Paradigm 3*M Blast from Past page

DOB 5/9/2009


LA 2-01 88 V V V E (1st freshener)

LA 3-02 92 E E E E

LA 4-01 90 V E E E

LA 5-03 91 E E E E

LA 7-03 92 E E E E

LA 9-05 92 E E E E

With an "Excellent" in head, shoulder assembly, rear legs and back.


1-10 305 3280 139 4.2% 109 3.3% TOP TEN

2-10 305 4020 165 4.1% 130 3.2% TOP TEN #2 Milk, BF and Protein

2-10 352 4280 178 4.2% 130 3.2% extended

3-11 305 3280 131 4.0% 110 3.4% Top Ten

4-11 305 2920 119 4.1% 99 3.4%

5-10 333 3050 115 3.8% 96 3.2%

7-00 302 2750 105 3.8% 90 3.3%

Did not freshen as an 8 year old

8-11 186 1832 75 4.1% 60 3.3% (dried early)

Lifetime to date 2062 20,960 4.0% 3.3%


PTI 274 246

PTA 290M 9F 9P

About Zaray: ELITE DOE DNA Typed


Zaray does it all--She is a "Top Ten" milker, appraised Excellent EEEE 92, a permanent champion doe with BEST IN SHOW wins and if that isn't enough she has offspring who are also just as successful.


2015 turned out to be Zaray's year with 2 BEST IN SHOW wins to add to her name a GCH.


She has her dam's excellent front end and feet and legs. She also has improved teat placement. Even better she made top ten in her first three lactations!. This a power house of a doe.


If Zaray hadn't won Judi's heart already-she also has 3 very pretty daughters-SGCH Barani 91 EEEE, SGCH Emmaray 92 EEEE and SG Harmony VVVE 88 as a first freshener. All 3 are excellent milkers see below.



Zaray is retired at this time.


Zaray is the dam of our 2018 spotlight sale Consignment--Kolossus.

Zar1 zaray7 

zaray zaray2  


  zaray1   zaray2               

Top--Zaray at AGE 9 and age 7! Next milked out winning BEST IN SHOW at age 6. Followed by 4 and 5 years old 2013 & 2014. We like Zaray's beautiful face so much we just had to show it off.

SGCH Lucky*Star's LX Emmaray 5*M
S-++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier Reference Bucks

D- SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Zaray 4*M Zaray Page

DOB 4/13/2014


LA 2-04 89 V E E E

Excellent in Head, Shoulder assembly and Rump

LA 3-03 91 V E E E

Excellent in Shoulder Assembly, Back and Rump

LA 4-03 92 E E E E

Excellent in Head, Shoulder Assembly, Rear legs, Back and Rump

LA 5-02 91 E E E E


1-11 305 2200 96 4.4% 68 3.1%

2-10 305 3444 145 4.2% 101 2.9%

3-10 305 3580 143 4.0% 107 3.0% TOP TEN

4-11 305 2950 123 4.2% 91 3.1%

5-11 175 2094 80 3.8% 63 30%(In progress)


PTI 267 215

PTA 326M 9F 7P

About Emmaray: ELITE DOE DNA typed

Emmaray has Judi's heart just being a doe from Zaray and full sister to Barani, but in addition she has blossomed into the doe Judi knew was there.


Shown in 2 rings in 2018 she was GCH in both and finished her GCH in the first ring.


Last year she added to her spring show wins with a 2nd and FIRST UDDER at the Washington State Fair over 14 does in her class including the Grand Champion of the day her half sister. She also was 3rd udder of the breed with both the Grand and reserve standing behind her.

She oozes dairy character and has the sweetest disposition if you are Judi.


Emmaray is bred to *B Rockin-CB KWY Jaingxi BUCKS

Crossing Judi's Favorite with Cindy's favorite does. Repeating the beautiful doe kid Memmo. Zaray Family Kids First Doe kid may be reserved.


Emmaray--Summer 2020 at 6 years old

emma2   emma1

Emmaray--on appraisal day June 2019

emma5 emma4 emm1 


Emmaray--at show after earning her SGCH title Spring 2018!


emmas emmar angle

Emmaray--August 2016 as a 1st freshening 2 yr. old and in the show ring Spring 2017.


SG Lucky*Star's TD Jemma 6*M
S-+*B Tempo Cai Daniel Reference Bucks DNA

D- SG Lucky*Star's Emmaray 5*M above DNA

DOB 3/4/2017


LA 2-03 89 E E E E (as first freshener)

Excellent in Shoulder assembly, Front legs, Rear legs, Back and Udder Texture


2-00 292 2123 87 4.1% 68 3.2%

3-01 134 1751 66 3.8% 50 2.9% (in progress)


PTI 197 126

PTA 269M 8F 6P

About Jemma: ELITE DOE DNA and Alpha Casein A/E

Jemma is the only milking daughter from our productive Emmaray and she is special in so many ways. Our favorite quote about her was "She is a once in a lifetime quality doe" She has earned her Superior Genetics title as a first freshner last year. She was named ELITE this year.


Jemma is bred to*B Rockin-CB KWY Jaingxi Bucks

Repeating the producive yearling doe-Luster (see below) First doe may be retained.

jem2  jem1

Jemma-- June 2020 as a 3 year old


 jem1  jem2  jem3

Jemma-- June 2019

Lucky*Star's RJ Lara 6*M
S-*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi "JAX" Bucks

D-SGCH Lucky Star's LX Barani 5*M LA 92 Blast from the Past

DOB 3/14/2019


1-00 164 1528 47 3.1% 47 3.1% (in progress)


PTA 143M 3F 5P



About Lara:

Lara is a striking long sought after daughter of our beloved Barani. She looks to carriy on this family tradition of excellent production and General Appearance. Don't worry those rumps are always the level ones as they mature. Look at the difference 1 year made in the rump!!


Lara will be bred to *B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi Bucks

This is a line breeding on our beautiful Vivian. who won't want to line breed on a 94 appraising top ten doe?



lara1     lara2

June of 2020 as a yealring milker.



2019 as a 3 month old kid


Lucky*Star's RJ Luster 7*M
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi "JAX" Bucks
D- Lucky Star's TD Jemma 6*M LA 89 as a first freshener above

DOB 4/1/2019




1-00 134 1643 47 2.9% 42 2.6% (in progress)

High test was 14.3 pounds




PTA 331M 7F 7P


About Luster: ELITE DOE (as a yearling)


Luster turned out to be a real star in the milk room, however she has not regained her weight after kidding as she leaves everything in the milk pail.

We hope to get a milking picture of her this fall when she has gained a bit of weight.


If we breed* Luster she will be bred to *B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi Bucks

Another line breeding on our beautiful Vivian.

* we are currently discussing milking her through and letting her put a bit of weight back on as her yearling lactation has been exceptional.




Luster-- yearling milker pictures to come.


  lus3  lust


Summer 2019