Granddam is the lifetime breed leader SGCH Lucky*Star's QM Paradigm 3*M--3179 days 32,360 pounds of milk LA 7-04 EEEE 92. His great Granddam is SGCH Lucky*Star's F Krystal 2*M and you can go back even another generation to GCH Lucky*Star's L Ebony and several more behind that. This is a very strong DAM LINE and Kolossus is the 8th generation Lucky*Star!

pedi ped

Kolossus is:

DNA typed

Sire and Dam also DNA typed


Alpha Casein A/A

Our 2018 Spotlight Sale Consignment -lot #5

*B Lucky*Star's TD Kolossus

Sold for $5,000 at the spotlight sale.




Dam-Zaray pictured at age 7; milked out winning 2-BIS show at age 6 and at age 5,

3 Times Top Ten.




 kol1 kol3  kol2




Maternal Sisters- SGCH Emmaray 4 yrs old LA 4-03 92 EEEE, First Freshening SG Harmony LA VVVE 88, SGCH Barani LA 6-05 EEEE 91


zar  zar2  zar3

















Sire- Daniel 5 years old LA 5-04 91 EEV  












In 4 generations shown above—
SHOW:  14 of the 15 does are SGCH or GCH and the 15th is SG. 9 of 15 bucks are GCH
2 National Champions are represented total 3 wins, 2--Reserve National CH and other national show class winners.
Many Best In Show Wins including Dam, DD, DDD, DDDD. The Dam’s line is often a weak link in a pedigree not this one 4 generations of BEST IN SHOW Wins.

PRODUCTION:  5 does were TOP TEN in Milk Production, many have been given the ELITE title.

Many lactation over 3,000 pounds (and some over 4,000) are represented.  All 15 does in this pedigree are star milkers and have production records. 

APPRAISAL:  26 of 30 Lamanchas represented above have appraisal scores ranging from 88 to 94 (2) with an average of 91. How many 4 generation pedigrees can feature an appraisal AVERAGE of 91?

DNA: 7 ancestors are DNA typed including Kolossus and his sire and dam.

ETA:  Of the TOP 20 Young sire Lamancha Bucks (all time) 14 are Lucky*Star and 15 have Lucky Star sires or dams and the TOP 4 are all ZARAY sons.  Kolossus is currently #1 for 2018.

Kolossus is a giant in all things ADGA!

Kolossus has genotype (the genic makeup). His pedigree is loaded with high appraising, high milking, permanent champions. But best of all he looks the part--His phenotype (observable characteristics) is all about dairy strength and general appearance. Straight front legs, beautiful easy to trim feet, open ribbing and the flatness of bone you know just spells MILK.