Reference Bucks

+*B Lucky*Star's RA Bravo

*B Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay

+*B SGCH Rockin-CB Aces Around

*B Rockin-CB CTL BB-King

+*B Tempo Apolo Ono

++*B Quixote Jo's Monet

*B Just as I Am Zion

*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka

*B Alder*Rose Zakharov

++*B Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill -- LA 91
Altrece Very Berry -- LA 88
+*B Lucky Star's 3D Natural
+*B Tempo Notta Ross
++*B GCH Winterwoods' Z Firestorm
++*B GCH Windy Springs Highpoint


Special "Kareem" Page
This buck has been so influential, he has his own page!

GCH ++*B Quixote Kate's Kareem


Here are some of our older bucks who are no longer living (or breeding) and have been retired or sold. We will be continuing to add to these pages as time goes on. Click on the photo or title to go to these pages.