2018 Planned Breedings

Here is Lucky Star Farm's 2018 Fall Planned Breeding list

Use this as a reference for kids due Spring of 2019-These are TENTATIVE.

Updated 10/10/2018. Check with us for confirmation. WEB site in progress We will update AI breedings when doe is confirmed settled.

Bred Date**
1st Freshners
Bred Date**
LOT Vivian *#*#*     Dry Yearlings:    
AV Xiang *#*#*     TD Jemma Jiangxi  
LOT Xhibit *#*#*     TD Jury Jiangxi  
RY Zaray *#*#*     Kids:    
RY Accolade Jiangxi     LJ Kim Jefferson  
LX Barani Daniel     TD Karania Jiangxi  
RA Cheers Jiangxi     TD Kudos Jiangxi  
LB Debra AI or Jiangxi     RJ Keira AI or Jefferson  
LX Drama Jiangxi   TD Karma Jiangxi  
LX Epic AI or Jiangxi     TJ Kool Kat Jiangxi or DRY  
LX Emmaray Jiangxi     TJ Kizzy Jiangxi or DRY  
LX Favor AI or Jiangxi     RJ Kacey Jefferson  
RD Faye AI or Jiangxi     TD Kaffirlily Jiangxi  
Vineyard View Azalea AI or Daniel     TD Kalmia Jiangxi  
Tellurous-"Rosy"-Alpine AI -- Alpine     RJ Miss Kitty DRY  
GE Hip-Hip AI or Jefferson      
RD Happy Hour Jiangxi      
LX Harmony AI or Jefferson      
ME Johansen AI or Jiangxi          
TD Jasmine Jiangxi      


*See Bucks on the "BUCK" web page.

**Confirmed from Bio-tracking .

*#*#* These does are now retired and we no longer plan to breed them at this time. This is an effort to reduce our spring work load.