Here is Lucky Star Farm's 2016 Fall Breeding list

Use this as a reference for kids due Spring of 2017.

Updated 6/2/2017. Check with us for confirmation.

Bred Date**
1st Freshners
Bred Date**
LOT Vivian Elmsley Kidded 2/3/17   Dry Yearlings:  
AV Xiang Eureka Kidded 2/1/17   RD Fable Daniel Kidded 3/11/17
LOT Xhibit Daniel Kidded 1/15/17   Tellurous aka Rosy Hanuman Kidded 5/1/17
RY Zaray Elmsley Dry this year   Kids:    
RY Accolade Daniel Kidded 5/9/17   GE Hip-Hip Daniel Kidded 3/5/17
RY Acclaim Daniel

Kidded 4/4/17


  GE Haikou Daniel Kidded 3/7/17
AZ Angelica Eureka kidded 3/22/17   ME Holly Hunter Eureka Kidded 3/4/17
        ME Hoopla Daniel Kidded 3/8/17
LX Barani Hanuman kidded 4/4/17   ME Humble Pie Daniel Kidded 3/26/17
LB Courtney Draco Kidded 2/8/17   GE Hero Daniel Kidded 3/25/17
RA Cheers Elmsley Kidded 2/8/17 GE Hilary (Duff) Hanuman Kidded 3/25/17
LB Debra Draco Kidded 3/7/17   RD Happy Hour Eureka 1/21/2017
LX Drama Eureka

Kidded 4/3/17

1 buck avail

  RD Helen Hayes DRY Dry
LX Epic Daniel

Kidded 4/12/17

1 buck avail

  LX Hope Hanuman Kidded 4/14/17
LB Elke Eureka Kidded 2/27/17   LB Harajuko Elmsley Sold
LX Emmaray Daniel Kidded 3/4/17   LX Harmony DRY DRY
        RD Hazel Dry Sold
LX Favor Daniel Kidded 3/12/17   RD Harriet Dry Sold
RD Faye Eureka Kidded 3/28/17        
LD Fannie Elmsley

Kidded 3/8/17

Vineyard View Azalea Daniel

Kidded 4/22/17




*See Bucks on the "BUCK" web page.

**Confirmed from Bio-tracking .