2018-19 Planned Breedings

Here is Lucky Star Farm's 2018 Fall Planned Breeding list

Use this as a reference for kids due Spring of 2019.

Updated 3/20/2019. Check with us for confirmation. WEB site in progress

Bred Date**
1st Freshners
Bred Date**
LOT Vivian *#*#*     Dry Yearlings:    
AV Xiang *#*#*     TD Jemma Jiangxi 11/4/2018**
LOT Xhibit *#*#*     TD Jury Jiangxi 12/10/2018**
RY Zaray *#*#*     Jamaica Rose (EXP)-For Sale PET!
Kidded 3/18 $
RY Accolade Jiangxi Kidded 2/18        
LX Barani Jiangxi

Kidded 3/14

RA Cheers Jiangxi Kidded 2/21   TD Karania Jiangxi 11/9/2018**
LB Debra Jiangxi 11/17/2018**   TD Kudos Jiangxi Kidded 2/28
LX Drama Jiangxi 11/25/2018** RJ Keira Jefferson Kidded 3/5
LX Epic Jiangxi 10/28/2018**   Kalipso Rose (EXP) Jorah 11/4/2018**
LX Emmaray Jiangxi Kidded 3/18   TD Karma Jiangxi 11/12/2018**
LX Favor AI-Pinnacle Kidded 2/28   TJ Kool Kat Jiangxi 12/10/2018**
RD Faye Jiangxi 10/26/2018**   TJ Kizzy Jiangxi 12/10/2018**
Vineyard View Azalea Jiangxi 11/4/2018**   RJ Kacey Jorah 11/23/2018**
Tellurous-"Rosy"-Alpine Ambition-Alpine 12/8/2018**   TD Kaffirlily Jiangxi 11/11/2018**
GE Hip-Hip Jefferson 11/16/2018**   TD Kalmia Jiangxi


For Sale

RD Happy Hour Jiangxi Kidded 3/22   RJ Miss Kitty DRY
LX Harmony Jiangxi Kidded 3/21        
ME Johansen AI Decadent Kidded 3/4        
TD Jasmine Jiangxi 11/22/2018**    

$=Has Kid available-Please send e-mail (star@olypen.com) or PM on facebook for more info.


*See Bucks on the "BUCK" web page.

**Confirmed from Bio-tracking . ***Confirmed Ultra sound

*#*#* These does are now retired and we no longer plan to breed them at this time. This is an effort to reduce our spring work load.