The Bucks currently in residence and being used the fall of 2016 are:

+*B SGCH Lucky Star's AV Xavier --DNA and Collection on file

*B Tempo Cai Daniel-- DNA Alpha s1 Casein A/B

*B Rockin-CB RCC Draco-DNA Alpha s1 Casein A/A FOR SALE after collection

Mint Leaf Elmsley--DNA

*B Goat-San Eureka--DNA FOR SALE after collection

*B Barnowl Hanuman-- DNA Alpha s1 Casein A/A
(Semen on some of our bucks is available thru us.)

*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka


                  *B Lucky Star's TR Sidewinder
           Altrece Pepito
                  CH Altrece Breathtaking
   Sire--Altrece AP Very Berry-(Black and Tan)
                  Altrece Zilent Weapon
           SGCH Altrece Brambleberry
                  Timbercove S Blackberry Kream
SGCH +*B Lucky Star's AV Xavier 7-05 EEE 93
                  GCH Kastdemr's Bad Habits1*M
           ++*B SGCH Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill-LA 4-5 91 VEE
                 SGCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy 9*M 5-03 EEEE 92
                  5-00 305 3261 101
   Dam-- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian LA 94 Vivian's page
                  +*B Lucky Star's 3D Natural LA 4-07 91 E E E
           GCH Lucky Star's Natural Raquel 3*M LA 90
                  GCH Quixote Jo's Noelle 2*M LA 91


PTI 188 176

PTA 280M 4F 7P


Xavier has several nice milking daughters. We have his very notable milking daughter-SGCH Barani (LA 92 at 3) and a 5 yr old sold to Cindy Silva- April Fool is now SGCH and has a high test of 19 #'s. In addition to these 2 mature does Drama, Diamond Dash and Epic are milking in our herd. Several other daughters have earned many GCH legs. Many kids "Young Stock" appraise "Extremely Correct". We have also retained 5 doe kids from him.

We took Xavier to one 3 ring buck show and he was GCH in all 3 rings and BEST BUCK in SHOW in 2 rings.

His daughters exhibit his long tall frame and his milking daughters have very nice mammaries. He improves height and width of rear udder and extension of fore udder. He does not change teat placement. His daughters are milking more than their dams-some significantly more.


We have 4 of his sisters in our herd, as well as his mother. We have decided given how well his daughters have turned out we will be using him as much as possible. How many bucks have a 94 EEEE, 3,000 plus top ten milking dam? They are few and far between. More importantly reproduce that good type.




Top--Xavier at 7 years old

Middle- Xavier as a 6 year old on left and a 5 year old on right

Bottom - pictured at 4 years old.

            +B Rockin-CB Aces Around LA 91.
        SG *B Lucky Star's Cai--- Elite Buck
            SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian 4*M LA 94 EEEE

            TOP TEN Milker 3 times
*B Tempo Cai Daniel- 87 V E V at 3 yr.
            +B SGCH Becca's Tucson (LA 92 EEE)
        SGCH Tempo Hannah 5*M (5-3 91 EEEV)

        4-08 305 2636 107 4.1% 82 3.1%
            SG Tempo Mia 4*M (LA 90 VEEE) a Kareem             Daughter


ETA 47 31

About Daniel: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/B

Having admired Hannah's general appearance we purchased a son 6 years ago and after producing 2 crops of kids he didn't settle any more does. We were very disappointed as we liked his daughters, so when another Hannah son became available from a Vivian son and he was already proven we jumped at the chance to buy him. Espcially as this one is from Vivian son - CAI.

Hannah may be a "V" in mammary and not a 3,000 # milker, but her sons have proven themselves with Bode in the Southfork herd and Apolo in ours. Apolo's daughters score "E" in mammary and milk very well. Daniel's daughters in the Fir Meadow herd are also milking very well and have E's in mammary.


Daniel has a long and strong bone pattern. He is passing this long bone pattern to his daughters. His 2 year old milking daughters appraised 90 and 91.

dnh danr dns

Daniel in September in RUT an hour after he arrived! He is very level walking around and the SWEETEST boy! Judi is in love with his disposition!

             Clovertop's Liberator (LA89 VEV)
         Rockin-CB CTL CC-Rider
             SGCH Rockin-CB LSP Vinca 3*M (LA 91 VEEE)
*B Rockin-CB RCC Draco LA VVV 87 as a yearling

            ++*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach (LA 88 VEE)
       GCH Rockin-CB KTL Yulan 3*M-- (92 EEEE)
          GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolina 2*M (LA 92 EEEE)    

About Draco: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/A
Draco is a large and dairy buck. We are very excited to have yet another relative of Vinca's to our herd. He is the tallest buck we have had with a 48 stature score as a yearling.


We are anticipating adding bone and dairy character-not to mention the high wide rear udder of his dam.


Draco kids flew (literally) out of the barn the last 2 springs.

Several have GCH legs. We are hoping to keep a few more for ourselves, but customers come first.

draco dracoldr    draco rear   
Top--Draco as a 3 year old

Bottom-Draco as a yearling on left and 6 month old on the right.

             Willow Run Bugatti Spartan
    Altrece Cosmopolitan PTI 59 84
             CH Altrece Wish Granted
Mint*Leaf Elmsley LA at 2 years old V E E 90

           Mint*Leaf Kobalt
       CH Mint*Leaf Enchanted
          CH The Preference Flyer

About Elmsley: DNA TYPED
It was time for an outcross buck. We may keep a son over the next few years to get something not as much of an outcross, but we like to try new things and he is NEW.

He was used a limit amount and we were pleased with the few daughter we saw, so he is being used considerbly more this year.

His daughters are all EC in head and very deep in rear rib. We have not yet had a milking daughter so stay tuned.

Every Elmsley daughter has an E in head.

Young Stock Appraisal VVV Very Good overall EC in back and rump Excellent in Rump and Front legs as a 2 year old.

elm          elms
elm head  elmrear  elmside 

 Top-- Elmsley as a 2 year old

Bottom-Elmsley --as a yearling summer 2015

             ++*B Kastdemur's Sting

        *B Kastdemur's SA Stingray
            SGCH Kastdemur's Avena LA EEEE 92 Nat'l Ch.
*B Goat-San Eureka + + + 83 as 2 year old

           +*B Kastdemur Rhone
       SGCH Goat-San Molalla 4*M LA EEEE 91 PTI 189 122
         SG Tempo Scio LA VEVE 89 Best lactation was 3209             with 4.0 fat%

About Eureka: DNA TYPED
We expect Eureka to blend in very well with our herd. He is an interesting mix of Northwest and Northern California breeding, without being a total outcross for us.

Linebred on 2 time National Champion Evian E E E E 94, we are excited to use this young man.

We are loving the dairiness of his daughters and so far they milk well. We are keeping 4 more daughters and we are impressed with the addd length.


Young Stock Apprisal V V+ Very Good overall. He was only 4 months old at appraisal.

eurs Eur

eur rear       eur side
Top-- Eureka as a 2 year old

Bottom-Eureka--as a yearling Summer 2015.

             ++*B Kastdemur's Tach Lach
        *B Barnowl Blade LA EEE 90
            SGCH Barnowl Buffy LA VEEE 90
*B Barnowl Hanuman LA V EV V as young stock EE

           Kickapoo-Valley Color My World
       Kickapoo-Valley Colorme Dharma *M LA VEEE 90
           Barnowl Golden Compass

About Hanuman: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/A
We were looking for a milk and mammary buck. Given Blade's daughters and sister and Dharma's one day test results, this looked like a great buck to add to our herd.

He is growthy, long tall with a very nice rump.


han hans

dhar dhar       
Top-- Hanuaman at 6 months old

Bottom-Dharma as a 3 year old Hanuman's dam