The Bucks currently in residence and being used the fall of 2018 are:

*B Tempo Cai Daniel-- DNA Alpha s1 Casein A/B

*B Texas Girl FL Jefferson DNA Alpha s1 Casein A/F

*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi DNA Alpha s1 Casein A/A

*B Heart MT Jorah-- DNA Alpha s1 Casein B/E SOLD


AI Bucks and reference Bucks Reference Bucks
(Semen on some of our bucks is available thru us.)

*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka

            ++*B Rockin-CB Aces Around LA 91.
        SGCH +*B Lucky Star's Cai --- Elite Buck
            SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian 4*M LA 94 EEEE

            TOP TEN Milker 3 times
SG +*B Tempo Cai Daniel- 5-04 91 E E V
            +B SGCH Becca's Tucson (LA 92 EEE)
        SGCH Tempo Hannah 5*M (5-3 91 EEEV)

        4-08 305 2636 107 4.1% 82 3.1%
            SG Tempo Mia 4*M (LA 90 VEEE) a Kareem             Daughter


PTI 129 106

PTA 125M 6F 5P

About Daniel: ELITE DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/B

Having admired Hannah's general appearance we purchased a son 6 years ago and after producing 2 crops of kids he didn't settle any more does. We were very disappointed as we liked his daughters, so when another Hannah son became available from a Vivian son and he was already proven we jumped at the chance to buy him. Espcially as this one is from a SGCH Vivian son - CAI.

Hannah may be a "V" in mammary and not a 3,000 # milker, but her sons have proven themselves with Bode in the Southfork herd and Apolo in ours. Apolo's daughters score "E" in mammary and milk very well. Daniel's daughters in the Fir Meadow herd are also milking very well and have E's in mammary.


Daniel has a long and strong bone pattern. He is passing this long bone pattern to his daughters. His kids in our herd Jasmine (in milk) and dry Jemma, Jury, Karania, Kudos, Karma Kaffirlily, Kalmia show how well he crosses with our does.

HE IS THE SIRE OF OUR OF OUR 2018 SPOTLIGHT SALE consignment -KOLOSSUS Spotlight Sale Consignment

dan1  foot dnh daniel angle  

Daniel at 5 years old. He is very level walking around and the SWEETEST boy!

Judi is in love with his disposition, his feet and his daughters.

             SG +*B Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay

               SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Acclaim
         *B Lucky Star's LD Flynn
             SG Lucky*Star's TA Bette Davis 5*M 3-05 92 EEEE              (1st place 4 yr old 2015 Nat'l show)
*B Texas Girl FL Jefferson

            SG +*B Just As I Am TR Samson 4-4 89 VEE
       SG Texas Girl S Allie 6*M-- 5-2 91 EEEE
           SG Texas Girl JJW Carbon Copy 5*M 7-02 89 VEVV

               Lucky*Star's TR Same As 4*M

                 SGCH Lucky*Star's QM Paradigm    

About Jefferson: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/F

When Rhonda Gothberg, of Gothberg Cheese, offered us this beautiful son from her commercial dairy it was a no brainer for us. We wanted to be sure to retain milk and componants in our herd and the chance to line breed on Vivian and Acclaim was an added plus.


The fact that he is a very handsome guy was frosting on an already sweet deal.


Jefferson will be for sale after breeding season if 2 of the other boys haven't been sold. We have space for 3 not 5. We love his 2018 doe kids! Daughters we kept are Kool Kat and Kizzy.

  jeff1 jeff2

Jefferson as a yearling.


 side2 rear   side
Jefferson at 7 months old.

Jiangxi (Jax)
             GCH ++*B Elm-Glen Brazil
7-02 88+EE
        GCH ++*B Kastdemur's Watch Yourself 6-03 91 EEE
            GCH Kastdemur's Make7UpYours 3*M 5-05 93 EEEE
*B Rockin-CB KWY Jaingxi (Jax) LA 1-03 ** VEV

          SG +*B Rockin-CB RY Zoren
       SGCH Rockin-CB R Haiku 8*M 2-04 91 EEEE
         SGCH Rockin-CB RA Assam 6-3 91 EEEV

           SGCH Lucky*Star's AV X-Tea 6*M 3-06 90 VEEE

About Jiangxi (Jax): DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/A

We waited and waited for Ceylon to kid in hopes of getting a buck kid this year from Rockin-CB since we love Ceylon and wanted to reintroduce her dam line back into our herd. Alas no buck for us and we had already added 2 buck kids. Cindy coyly suggested maybe we would be interested in a buck from Ceylon's full sister, a promising yearling named Haiku. We remembered this doe kid and said sure, but Judi wanted to see both Haiku and the kid in person. A June show provided the opportunity to do that. To say Judi was excited was putting it lightly. Jax, as we call him, will be used a lot this fall. We think Haiku is stunning and Jax follows her good looks.


      jax1 jax2

jax3  jax4  hai
Jax as a yearling and Haiku at a Washington State Fair- Fall 2018.

             *B Heart Mt ChittyChitty BangBang

         CH Mint*Leaf Big Bang Evolution 3-00 91 EEV
            CH Mint*Leaf Elusive-- GCH at 2016 Nat'l Show

Heart Mt. Jorah 1-03 85 +VV

         GCH +*B  Heart Mt TU Avatar 4-02 90 EEE
      GCH Heart Mt Nikolena 4*M 3-05 90 VEEE
           SGCH Heart-Mt-Carter-Kids Nikki 3*M 4-06 91 VEEE



He has the widest flatest ribs of any buck since Xavier. Very open and very large. Bone, Bone and more Bone on this guy. In addition this is the sweetest boy!



About Jorah: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein B/E


Judi fell in love with Nikolena at the 2015 National show long before she ever walked in the ring and was the first place yearling milker. She loved the amount of production this doe exhibited and her dairy strength.

Nikolena didn't have a buck the next year so we waited and this year with the bonus of being bred to a son of the 2016 national champion as the sire -- a buck for us was born.

He is a bit of an out cross for our herd and will see limited use this fall. We have plans to use him a lot more in coming years as we will need to introduce some fresh blood to the herd.



jor 1   jor2

Jorah as a yearling and we are accepting offers on him to reduce the number of bucks.


side  rear

Jorah at 5 months old.

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