We attended only 3 shows. We once again did very well- with several Best udder of breed wins and best udder in show and also best doe in show, but the highlight of the year was winning BEST DAIRY HERD at our state fair. This was a goal we set for ourselves many years ago-when we started trying to breed for as much uniformity of type, color and milk as possible. We wanted to be as pretty as the Saanen, Alpin, Nubian and Togg herds that perpetual won that award at our state fair. This year it was our turn.

Appraisal went every bit as well with whole herd including yearlings averaging 90.5 and every doe with an "E" in mammary!.



We attended only 4 shows and added 3 new permanent champions to our herd. Anjelica is the 3rd "A" year doe to finish. Belize became the first of the "B" year to finish and the buck Aces Around also finished --several kids earned dry legs.


Appraisal saw us add a few more "90 or better" to the herd with 2 of the "B" year Bette Davis and Barani becoming 90 and 91.


The highlight of the show year was Washington state fair- where Mark nicknamed us the banner hog. BEST UDDER IN SHOW, BEST JUNIOR DOE IN SHOW, BEST EDUCATIONAL DISPLAY, and Premier Breeder and Exhibitor for Lamanchas.


A good year for show and appraisal! Thank you to all who helped us, but especially Cindy Silva at state fair.

Yearlings-- The four yearlings we retained appraised 89, 89, 89 and 88 and even some we sold appraised 89 and 88 so "B's" are a very good year. Bette Davis was undefeated when shown, Belize also had 2 first and 2 seconds with one GCH win giving her 2 legs, Burnish also had a first place win. Barani appraised 89, but was shown only once and was 5th at fair with 1 thru 5 being Lucky Star does. She is going to be one of the best yearling milkers we have had.
2 year olds--
Accolade finish her SGCH joining her already finished twin-Acclaim. The third 2 year old Anjelica had many firsts, a best in show and a best udder in show win.

3 year olds-- These 2 does where shown sparingly this year, but each had firsts-Zhimmer at state fair and Zaray had a best udder show win. They appraised 91 and 92 with Zaray on her way to her first over 4,000 # lactation. Don loves Zhimmer and Judi loves Zaray-both are worthy does.

4 year olds-- Yvonne II had many first and added a GCH to her show list.


4 Dry legs were also earned with Bonus Baby repeating her open show win at State Fair. 8 kids appraised Extremely Correct.


State Fair-- We placed first in the group classes, going on to win 1st place dairy herd in show and 1st place educational dsiplay.

  rib   rib   rib


We attended 5 Shows. We thought 2010 was a good year and then this year turned out even better.. We had 4 different kids go Best in Show 2 additional kids get dry legs, Finished 2 more does and of course earned many legs on milkers and Judi's lovely Xhibit was again Best Udder in Show. In addition we added 4 90-93 appraising does. Every doe in the herd now has an "E" in Mammary. Add time spent with friends and it was a special year.


Western Washington Fair September 14-15, 2011 This year's fair was made special by Cindy Silva's participation. She was an amazing amount of help. We won every milking class and every group class and had the Grand and Reserve junior champion, the Grand and Reserve and Champion Challenge milker. In addition we had the BEST UDDER IN SHOW and Best Junior Kid in Show. We were Premier Lamancha Breeder and Exhibitor. It was exciting!


Northeastern Washington June 18, 2011: This is a 9 hour drive for us so we were really glad when the does and kids showed so well. We took only 2 does and a few kids and came home with 3 more GCH legs (Yodel was GCH and Bronwyn and Brash earned dry legs. This show was loads of fun-even showing at midnight.



Northwest All Breed DGC June 11, 2011: At this show 2 kids picked up GCH legs- Angelwing and Beguile and our milkers also picked up GCH wins with Madame X going GCH in one ring and Yodel going GCH in another.


Northwest Oregon DGA June 4, 2011: Our second trip to this show and we were able to have 2 doe kids earn Champion legs Belize and Burnish with one Best in Show win. Xhibit picked up another Best Udder of Breed and Acclaim (the yearling) finished her championship.


SWWDGA--- May 21, 2011: This was a great show for us. it was a 3 ring doe show and we were GCH in all three rings with a different doe in each ring. Xiang finished, Madame X picked up a GCH leg and Accliam-(yes a yearlng) picked up a leg. Then Vivian was Champion Challenge winner in all 3 rings and 3 time BEST DOE IN SHOW!


Appraisal Day -June 13, 2011 It was no less rewarding then the shows--when the lowest scoring doe was 88 yes that included the yearlings. The highlight of the day was Vivian earning a 93 EEEE permanent score. All the does remaining in our herd have "E" mammaries and if they are 3 or over they are 90 or better. We are well on our way to having 3,000 milkers, who appraise 90 and earn a GCH in front of their names!



We had one of the most winning years ever in the show ring. We 4 differnt kids go Best in Show 2 addition kids get dry legs, Finished a buck and of course earned many legs on milkers and finished Judi's lovely Xhibit. In addition we added 4 90-92 appraising does. It was a good year!


Western Washington Fair September 15, 2010 This was the most fun we have at a fair in years. Our granddaughter, Madison, made it so special. There is nothing like a fair through the eyes of a 4 year old! In addition we had the BEST UDDER IN SHOW. We were Premier Lamancha Breeder and Exhibitor. We have first udder in 5 of 6 classes and first place in many other. Our yearlings were 1, 2, 3! It was exciting!


SWWDGA--- July 3 and 4, 2010: This was a 4 ring show where we had 1 place yearling in all all rings many other first, seconds and Xiang picked up another GCH leg. The kids did as well as the milkers with Mad About A going BEST IN SHOW in one ring. Xavier was GCH in all three buck riongs with 17 other Lamancha buck competing. He was BEST BUCK in SHOW in 2 rings. The finished this handsome fellow.


Northeastern Washington June 19th: This is a 9 hour drive for us so we were really glad when the does and kids showed so well. Xiang picked a GCH and an RGCH, The yearling were first in all three rings. Yvoone II was first in 2 rings. Acclaim was BEST IN SHOW in all 3 rings!! It was a lot of fun.



Northwest Oregon DGA June 5, 2010: This was our first time and this show and what a well run event with lots of competition. We cam home with 3 BUOB and 2 BEST UDDER IN SHOW wins, Xhibit finished and legs on 2 kids one of those BEST IN SHOW. Xhibit was even Best of Breed with some pretty amazing challengers.


Northwest All Breed DGC May 8, 2010: We started the year out with Yearling going first and 2nd in each ring. The 2 year old Yvonne II going first in every ring. Xhibit was just getting warmed up with a GCH and Best of Breed win. We hoped we were off to a good start.



This Year one spend mostly at home taking care of our granddaughter and working around the farm. We did not appraise. We did attend 3 shows and were Premier Breeder and Xhibitor at the Western Washington Fair.

Western Washington Fair September 17, 2010: Our 32th wedding anniversary! We had the Junior Champion with Zhimmer, Reserve Senior Champion with Vivian. Yodel was the first place yearling, Xhibit was BEST UDDER OF BREED as a 2 year old. Monet once again had first place Senior Get of Sire. We also were the Premier Breeder and Xhibitor.


SWWDGA May 16th: This show we took only 3 easy to handle does as this was the first time we were taking 3 year old Madison to a show and our focus was on being able to watch her. She had a great time showing the does and we did get a first and a few seconds



Northwest All Breed DGC May 9, 2009: We watched out newest Lamancha go BEST IN SHOW and finish her GCH-Just As I Am so Lil Patience. She is a great addition to our herd. Xhibit had 2 firsts and a second as a 2 year old. Our yearlings stood behind the doe who would become the reserve National Champion as a yearling.



Our 2008 show season ended up being only one 3 ring "does only show". We spent the rest of show season tied up with other commitments. We were able to appraise but missed all the fairs this year. 2008 Appraisal added some "90" or better appraising does and bucks. We felt E. Henning was fair and pretty much on target.

All Breed Goat Club show- May 10, 2008--This was a very large"does only" show with 28 Lamancha milkers. The majority of the top Northwest herds were there including some who did well at Nationals. We are happy to report we had the Grand Champion in all three rings with our three year old, Vivian, finishing her GCH. Our 2 yearlings, Xaviera and Xiang, were in the top three in all 3 rings placing 1st through 3rd, our 2 year old, Wedgewood, was either first or second.



The 2007 show season is off to a good start-finishing Paradigm.
We will not be appraising, as we will be at a family wedding on the East Coast.

Western Washington Fair- September 12, 2007--This was another very successful show, as we were in the top 2 in all classes and 10 year old Krystal was BOB. We were Premier Breeder and Exhibitor.

ADGA National Show- July 11, 2007--The 2007 ADGA National Show turned out to be a real test of our resolve. The trip started with Vet requirements for 3 states--Idaho just to pass through and Montana to camp and Wyoming for the show. The trip to get there was 1500 miles long through 5 cities that set all time record high temperatures as we went through them. When we arrived we found we were penned in the “outerbanks” .6 miles way from the show ring, with no power, no shade and open pens when the rain came. We did make the best of it and the does did great.
On show day we trucked the does to the ring and though unusual no one seemed to mind! The day started at 7:00 a.m. and in the first class Xcellin was first place with Cindy Silva showing her. As the day went on we had 5 firsts, many thirds and almost everybody made the “cut”. We felt this was pretty exciting given that we came home to see people advertising they had made the “cut”. The highlight of the day was when Vivian was the first of 55 two year olds. Vivian was our youngest milker since we elected to leave the yearlings (and the aged does) home due to the expected heat.
The show was not what we expected with Karen and Krista Senn’s Kastdemur herd missing and we did notice their absence. The Southfork does looked very nice, especially their dairy herd and it was fun to see Richie and Marilou enjoy their win. Redwood Hills showed a very lovely 3 year old, Mighty Mouse, that we really loved. It was worth the effort to see Lamanchas be the largest breed shown at this Nationals.
The trip home was 5 1/2 days long with a broken truck and many other mishaps but the goats arrived back in Port Angeles safe and sound. We took 19 does with us and only brought back 12. We were delighted that several have wonderful new homes. They will be missed but we are grateful for the good homes they went to.

Wild Rose Dairy Goat Association Show- June 9, 2007 The Lamancha Specialty was in one ring. Our Dairy Herd was first in both rings and Best in Show in one ring -That herd was made up of Paradigm, a-Rresting, Su-Ellen and Vivian. Su-ellen and her daughter, Willma, were first place dam and daughter in the Specialty. We do have to confess that Cindy Silva really took away most of the specialty ribbons-not surprising.
In the second ring, however, we had first place 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old, aged doe and GCH with Paradigm and RGCH, with Vivian and yes all the does move over to that ring. Cindy was still BOB with Roman Design. All in all a very good day.

Southwest Washington Dairy Goat Association Show - May 19, 2007--This 2 ring show was very satisfying for Judi as she finished Paradigm! There were other 1st and 2nds, but for Judi only one thing mattered!

All Breed Goat Club show- May 12, 2007 - Brought several firsts and 2 Grand Champion Senior ribbons. Judi's beloved Paradigm was GCH under both judges Tweedle was 1st and 2nd's in the 3 year old class. Another Monet daughter was 2nd aged doe (Rockin-CB QM Rebecca) in 2 rings and RGCH in both (congratulations Rachel Hendrickson.) The 4 year old, Su-ellen, was first twice. Wish A Upon a Star was 1st and 2nd in the yearling class. Vivian (1st freshening 2 year old) was 2nd and 4th (just wait guys)!


2006 Appraisal brought us several new 90-92 does and some others repeating as well. Of the 17 milkers in our herd 13 of them have scored 90 or better --2 yearlings and 2-2 year olds aren't there yet!

Western Washington Fair- September 14th This show is one of our favorites as it is very large and competitive-this was true once again. Our favorite and a very notable win was the first place dairy herd!! It was made up of Tweedle-at 2-years old, a-Rresting 4-yrs old, Patina-5 yrs and Paradigm-5 yrs (milking through from 2005). Patina and Paradigm have both been top ten twice and both a-Rresting and Tweedle have a shot at 3,000 lbs so this is truly a "dairy" herd . They went on to be the third place overall with the Saanens and Alpines as first and second. It was a nice thing to see was them winning not "stuffed" with milk. We had many other firsts, GCH, etc. but we feel dairy herd is the "big deal" so are featuring it. Be sure to check out Cindy Silva's first place National Show dairy herd at www.rockincb.com they are truly lovely and deserve much attention!

Evergreen Dairy Goat Association Show - June 17, 2006--The Lamancha Specialty was in one ring. a-Rresting was GCH for the Specialty. Wish Upon a Star was GCH Junior doe and Best in Show in both rings. Our Senior Get of Sire- Monet using Tweedle at 2 yrs old, a-Rresting at 4 and Noteworthy at 6 yrs old was 1st place as was our Breeders trio using the same three does. Way to go MONET-- once again!
We would like to congratulate Ardis Lyons and her daughter, Mariah Acton, for their 2 Best in Show wins with CH Barnowl Bewitched. Also congratulations go to Lauren Acton for finishing Tempo Vonetta, a Kareem daughter. All in all a very good day.

All Breed Goat Club show- May 13, 2006--Brought many firsts and 3 Grand Champion Senior ribbons. a-Rresting was GCH under all 3 judges adding to her last year wins and completing her SGCH title. Due to Judi's limitations she only took 3 does. Tweedle was shown in all 3 rings winning 1st and 2nd's with 12 does in the 2 year old class. Another Monet daughter was 1st in 2 rings and second behind Tweedle in one ring. The 3 year old, Susan, the 3rd doe we brought was only shown in ring 1 where she was first. Monet had a very good day as 2 daughters were 1st and 2nd in 2 year olds and 1 first three year old and 1st and 2nd in the four year old class with 3 GCH's. Way to go MONET!


We were unable to appraise in 2005-sorry!

2005 Show Results-- The first show finished one doe, the second brought legs on an up and coming 2 year old, the third added a leg to the 2 year old and 2 for a (new to shows) three year old. The fourth show added 3 Best in Show wins- 2 with 8 year old Krystal and one on a dry yearling.

Western Washington Fair- September 15th - This show is one of our favorites as it is very large and competitive-this year was no exception. On the morning of the Lamancha show we were pleasantly surprised to see NOTEWORTHY fully uddered and looking better then she had at a show in the past couple of years. She did not disappoint us, as she was 1st aged doe, GCH and Best of Breed. Yes, she even beat out the now retiring Krystal in Champion Challenge! Tyche was the reserve Junior Champion, we also had many other nice placings in classes and groups. We would like to congratulate Ardis Lyons and her daughter, Mariah Acton for their first place dairy herd!

ADGA National Show- July 25, 2005 This show was only 9 1/2 hours away from us this year so we were able to get the time off work to go. It was an amazing amount of work and we have to say we admire all those people who travel across country year after year to show! We learned a lot and saw many lovely Lamanchas. Lamanchas were the second largest breed at the show. Karen and Krista Senn, Kastdemur, had the most amazing all around group of Lamanchas! In addition to the National champion they had top placing animals in every age group they entered.

All but one of our does made the "cut" and we came home with a car load of crystal awards and oodles of ribbons and , of course, the reserve National Champion-Krystal. Krystal, in addition, won the life time butterfat and milk awards and the new TOTAL PERFORMER AWARD. Her daughter Paradigm won the high single lactation for both butterfat and milk. It was a very rewarding and educational experience! The breed has come along way and we are grateful to be part of it's progress!

EDGA--June 18, 2005 This show is a a 2 ring doe show and 2 ring kid show. It was fun to get some kids out (at least the idea was fun the realty was hard work). We took 2-2 year olds, who were first and second and second and third. One of our 3 year olds picked up 2 more seconds. We decided to take 8 year old Krystal (who freshen Jan 7th with a single doe kid) for Champion Challenge. She delighted us with 2 Best of Breed wins and then 2 BEST IN SHOW wins. Not bad for an older lady!

The kids were very competitive, with 28 juniors shown, mostly placing 2-4 in their classes with Twinkle going Grand champion in one ring and also BEST IN SHOW. The other Lamancha Grand champion Junior was a daughter of *B Lucky Star's TR Sizzling Hot.

Cindy Silva picked up a GCH on her doe Sixpence (dam of Vatu, a buck who now resides here) and Merri McDonald picked up a GCH win on her 5 year old Kareem daughter, Navigating Your Heart. Another very successful weekend.


CWDGA--June 3, 2005 This show is a 7 hour drive-1 way- (for you east coasters this local <smile>) for us so it is always a challenge. We had great fun and the goats made the trip just fine.
Our yearling, Tweedledee, was first in 2 rings. Our 2 year old, Susan, was also first 2 more times and earned another GCH leg and BOB as well in one ring. Our three year old, a-Rresting was first 3 times and GCH twice earning her two GCH legs and a BOB win. Kat Drovdahl picked up 2 RGCH on Rockin-CB Schemer and Merri MacDonald earned a RGCH on her Kareem daughter, Navy. Merri also finished her 7 year old grade Kareem daughter, Freel (Free Love). Kat also had a BOB win in one ring with her Lucky Star's QK Nasturium daughter, Rosine. All in all a great day!

SWWDGA-- May 21, 2005 This show had 29/29/27 Lamancha milkers and 2 CHCH does.
Our yearling, Touchstone, was there for her life's first show with only 10 hours milk and still placed third-- she will have to wait her turn. The 2 year old, Susan earned a GCH in one ring, going on to BOB as well. Our three year old, a-Rresting, also making her show debut had 2 firsts and a third. Cindy Silva's does Roman Design and Sixpence also earned legs. Sixpence could be the poster child, as far as we are concerned, for "Black and Tan" Lamanchas- this is a SWEET (as my son would say) doe. So, "hot" that the best part of the weekend, for us, was arranging for her son to be moved to our farm--THANK YOU CINDY! All in all a very satisfying weekend.

All Breed Goat Club show- May 14, 2005--Brought many firsts and 2 BOB and a coveted Best In Show win for Lucky Star's Natural Raquel 3*M- the newest GCH in our barn. There were 18 Lamancha milkers and a CHCH doe.
The yearling, Tweedledee, was 1 time first and 1 time second in stiff competition with a Tempo Yearling (Ross's niece) going first in one ring and GCH- (she is actually almost 2 and a very lovely doe.) The 2 year olds, Susan and Star, were first and third with Susan earning one RGCH.
Our 3 year old, Raquel, was GCH in 2 rings finishing her champion status in the first ring, she was also BOB and topped of the day with BEST IN SHOW. Regan had 2-- 4th in this excellent competition. Our 4 year old, Paradigm, was 2nd to Pat Hendrickson's lovely Lucky Star Fancy Pants' daughter-Pendent.


2004 Appraisal brought us 7 new 90-93 does and some others repeating as well. Of the 19 milkers in our herd 13 of them score 90 or better! The herd average including yearlings is currently 89.6!

2004 Show Results-- (2 new permanent GCH's--3 year olds- Patina and Prismea! Dry legs on 2 kids and once again the "state" fair Best in Show milker!)

WWF-- September 15-16, 2004-This show is our "state" fair and carries for us the most prestige of any show we go to. This year we had the Jr. GCH with Lucky Star's Natural Tyche (Tiki), the Sr. GCH with GCH Lucky Star's QK Patina 2*M, who went on to be the be Best of Breed and YES she went on to win the BEST IN SHOW. Jalepeno won this title in 2000, Krystal won in 2002 and now Patina in 2004. We were also pleased to see Kat Drovdahl win RGCH with GCH Lucky Star's QK Nasturium (Top Ten and LA 93). If this wasn't enough we also won each group class including the much desired Dairy Herd award.

EGDGA-- June 19, 2004 This show almost made Judi head for home when she checked in and there were 34 Lamancha milkers pre-entered! Don had sent his favorite yearling (his long awaited Fanciful daughter), Star Search, and she was first (way to go Don). Natural Raquel, was 2nd twice with two different does in front of her one of Cindy Silva's and the other Kat Drovdahl's, both with enough Lucky Star blood to make Judi delighted to be second in this very strong class, which even took ever speedy Sam Whiteside 45 minutes to place. Prismea was first in both rings in the three year olds and we were thrilled to stop there, but Prismea went on the be GCH in both rings completing her GCH title.
The only junior show of the year for us, brought several more firsts, seconds and a coveted dry leg in this very large show. a-Ttention was not only Champion but also Best Junior Doe in Show!

CWDGA--June 12, 2004 This was a smaller but very high quality show. We took a few new does to see how they would fair. Our yearling, Susan, (it was suppose to be Solitaire, but Judi loaded the wrong one) was first in 3 rings making her 8 first for 9 shows). Natural Raquel was first 2 more times. Our three year old, Prismea (her first show of the year) was first twice and RGCH twice earning her first leg. Cindy Silva finished her very lovely 4 year old--Nolana-LA 93. 5-K Melody (a GCH Lucky Star's QK Lewsia daughter owned by Kat Drovdahl) picked up 3 more BOB wins!

SWWDGA-- May 29, 2004 This show had 28/27 Lamancha milkers and a CHCH doe. Our yearling, Susan, was 3 times first. The 2 year old, Natural Raquel earned her 2nd GCH in one ring. Our three year old, Patina, was GCH in 2 rings finishing her. Kat's Lucky Star's QK Nasturium went reserve in one ring finishing Nasturium as well. Kat's GCH +*B Lucky Star QK Lewsia daughter, GCH 5-K Melody, was BOB in all 3 rings. Pat Hendrickson's Lucky Star's Fancy Pants daughter, Pendant, was reserve in one ring. We thought the weekend was pretty darn exciting!

All Breed Goat Club show- May 15, 2004--This was our first show in almost a year so it was very exciting and we had reservations about how "barn blind" we had become in that year. Don picked out who he wanted shown, clipped them up and away Judi went. There were 24 Lamancha milkers pre-entered, with 11 lovely 2 year olds. The results were very rewarding. The yearling, Susan, was 2 times first and 1 time second in stiff competition with a Rockin' CB yearling owned by Kat Drovdahl. The 2 year olds, Raquel and Regan, each had a first and Natural Raquel was GCH in one ring with a Fir Meadow's (Kat Drovdahl) 2 year old as reserve. Kat graciously pointed out her doe had 4 "Lucky Star" parents/grandparents. Our three year old, Patina, (at her first show as a milker) was GCH in the other 2 rings with Kat's Lucky Star's QK Nasturium as reserve in one ring and Pat Hendrickson's Rocky Run Fancy Pendant, a Lucky Star's Fancy Pants daughter, as reserve in the other.


2003 Appraisal went very well with new 90 scoring does and many EC kids. See the details on the doe pages .

2003 Show Results-Summary--We only went to 2 one day 2 ring shows this year. We were pleased with the results. Narnia (Narnia pictures) has another milking leg. Remarkable (Dandy kids page) and Rowina (Witch Kids) now have dry legs. A lovely daughter of Lucky Star's Lewsia has several BOB wins (owned by Kat Drovdahl). Another Kareem daughter finished- GCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster (owned by Cindy Silva). Cindy Silva also finished her newest Lucky Star buck-CH Lucky Star's QK Pinnacle. Laurie Acton's yearling Kareem daughter was 3rd at Nationals and Cindy Silva's 1st freshening 2 yr. old Kareem daughter was 2nd at Nationals.

If you have a Lucky Star buck doe or kid who has shown or appraised well and would like us to share please let us know about your win or score.


2002 Appraisal went very well with a new 92 scoring doe and 2 additional 90's. See the details on the doe pages.

2002 Show Results-Summary--
5--Best In Show, 5--Best of Breed including the District VII Lamancha Specialty, 6--GCH and 6--RGCH
GCH Lucky Star's F Krystal 2*M was Best In Show (165 milkers) and Best of Breed for the 3rd year in a row at the District VII Lamancha Specialty (28 Sr. does-5 in CHCH). On 09/12/02 Krystal added BEST IN SHOW at the largest show in Washington to her credits. This is only the second time we have had Best In Show at the Western Washington Fair (Jalepeno being the first.) Krystal pictures!

GCH Lucky Star's QM Noteworthy
*M was GCH at the Specialty (23 Sr. does), and at 2 other shows she also had a Best in Show win. Noteworthy pictures!
Lucky Star's QK Narnia 4*M was our bridesmaid with 3 Reserve wins including the Lamancha Specialty (she has, however in 150 days milked, 1540 #'s). Narnia pictures!
Lucky Star's QM Prismea, Narnia's daughter, has had 6-1st and 2-2nd place wins as a yearling milker.
Lucky Star's QM Hot Pepper had 2-1sts and 2-2nds.
We have also had 4 kids go grand champion, with 2 (Rapunzel and Regan) also being selected Best in Show.
Lucky Star's QK Radiant (Jewel and Kareem)
Lucky Star's QK Regan (Hermia and Kareem)
Lucky Star's QM Rapunzel (Narnia and Monet)
Lucky Star's QM Rhinestone (Krystal and Monet) This was at the Western Washington Fair with lots of stiff competition.
We would like to thank the Hoeker Family, Lisa Chen and Teresa Wade for showing for us and many others for helping Judi out. A severe (at least for Judi) sprained ankle prevented Judi from showing at most of the shows including the specialty. Were it not for our wonderful friends show season would have been over very early!


June 16-17th --At the Dist 7 LaMancha Specialty, Krystal was Best of Breed for the second year in a row. The GCH was Lucky Star's F La'attitude owned by Sarah Glunt. Noteworthy 1st place yearling followed by Narnia. Nyx (now owned by Cade Brown) was the GCH Kid. We also had the 1st place Breeders Trio and Kareem's get was the first place Get of Sire.
In ring 2 under Karen Senn a-LLure was GCH and Best of Breed. Krystal was second to her in CHCH. The yearlings placed the same.
On Sunday--Jewel was the Grand Champion with Krystal going Best of Breed. Krystal's kid Paradigm was the GCH Kid. We are very proud of the way the does did.
June 2nd --(Due to a shoulder injury on Judi) we took only Jewel to the show. She was Best of Breed in one ring and RGCH in the other 2 rings. This makes her our newest permanent GCH and the fourth generation GCH!
May 26th --Jewel went to her first show this year and won a leg toward her GCH with 22 milking Lamanchas-Thank you Jerome Mensch. Jewel pictures! Narnea was 1st place yearling in one ring and second in the other, followed by Noteworthy. It was fun to see another lovely Kareem mammary. We would also like to congratulate Hyseck's on winning GCH buck in both rings with *B Lucky Star's QK Lewsia. GCH Lucky Star's F Krystal 2*M was BOB in both rings. All in all a good day!
May 5th --Noteworthy Dandy Family Page went to her first show this year and placed 1st, twice, in the yearling classes and Reserve Champion once. Nakita was the second place yearling. Pearl and Paradigm also had reserve champion wins.


Kareem is our newest GCH when he was 3 times GCH at the July 16th Buck show in Grandview Washington.
BUCK PAGE for picture of Kareem.
He joins a-Llure and Krystal who have also finished their championship this year. BEWITCHED PAGE for picture of a-Llure and Delphinium/Ebony PAGE for picture of Krystal.

Western Washington Fair on September 14, 2000-- Judge John White. We were thrilled when the champion line-up had a-Llure as the 1st place 2 year old, Krystal as the 1st place 3 year old and our beloved Jalepeno as the 1st place 4 year old. That seemed enough for the day, but Jalepeno was selected GCH and then went on in a very tough Champion Challenge class to be the Best of Breed and finally later in the day was selected BEST DOE IN SHOW!! Thank you John White, to have the breeder of the lovely One Oak Hill Lamancha herd select our doe, made it all the more special. We also had the 1st place Breeders Trio, Dairy Herd, Get of Sire-Senior and Junior. Krystal's doe kid, New Age, was the RGCH Kid. It was a great day for us. There were 11 fellow Lamancha breeders at the show and some very lovely does with well over 1/2 the milkers being already finished champions so we were very honored to have our does do so well.

This page is no longer being updated. See individual does for their show information.