We sell animals by private arrangement. Please e-mail us for our terms and prices.

• For information please e-mail us. star@olypen.com

•or call us (360-452-5903) early evenings (pacific coast time) or weekends are best.


• For a list of Breedings for Fall 2018 and births for spring 2019, . click HERE


• For List of Semen Available click HERE

Our 2018 Spotlight Sale Consignment

*B Lucky*Star's TD Kolossus

#1 on the 2018 Young Sire list!



No milkers are available at this time. We will have many milkers for sale in the coming months. WE DO NOT KNOW WHO just yet. They will need to be picked up at the farm. Send us an e-mail and we will notify you when they are available.

We do ship kids, but you must prepay all the expenses.

Please e-mail us at star@olypen.com for more information.

We will give a discount for herds that are on test and appraise or make mutliple purchases-- ask us about that.





Please contact us privately for prices, availability, pictures or questions - star@olypen.com or 360-452-5903



Please e-mail star@olypen.com or call for more information 360-452-5903,

also you can follow us on Facebook.

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Doe Kids Currently Available Are:


We may have few 2019 doe kids available. Prices start at $350


We have 1 doe available at this time--Lucky*Star's TD Kalamia (Confirmed bred to Jiangxi) $400 Due mid-April.

and 1 Experimental dry yearling in milk--Lucky*Star's BH Jamica Rose offer please.

Both are suitable as family milkers you pick-up at the farm.






Buck Kids Currently Available Are:

We are still taking reservation on buck kids for spring 2019
































Please e-mail star@olypen.com or call for more information 360-452-5903. Available by phone early evening west coast time or weekends.