Xhibit's Family

Looking for balance? Xhibit's family represents a long line of "Excellent" appraising does with lots of milk and show ability. Judges or appraisers rarely talk about does in this family without using the word "BALANCE".

They milk well, appraise well and show well

Epic and Emulate represent the 9th and 10th generation of direct Lucky Star does.

Talk about consistency-At our largest show and fair Xhibit has been BEST UDDER IN SHOW- quite a claim for a multiple times BREED LEADER. Yes you can have it all milk and show!

Xhibit was the Supreme Lamancha All-American in 2011, Breed leader in 2010 with 4,830 #'s of milk and then followed up in 2011 with another 4,010 in only 287 days and yet another 4030 in 2012 to be the Breed Leader once again.


Kids from the Xhibit family can be found on the Xhibit kids page.

SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M

S-++*B SGCH Little Orchard Pure Thrill ELITE SIRE BUCKS
D-GCH Lucky Star's QM Noteworthy *M Above

DOB 3/9/2007

LA 1-04 87 V E E V

LA 3-04 92 E E E E

LA 4-03 92 E E E E

LA 5-04 92 E E E E

LA 6-04 Not yet fresh at apprasial

LA 7-05 92 E E E E An "E" in udder texture as a 7 year old!

1-00 305 3030 102 3.4% 92 3.0%

1-11 274 2650 93 3.5% 77 2.7%

2-10 305 4830 167 3.5% 146 3.0% #1 on the TOP TEN list for Milk, Butterfat and Protein for Lamanchas

3-11 287 4010 137 3.4% 119 3.0% #2 Top Ten List milk

4-10 305 4030 139 3.4% 123 3.1% #1 Top Ten List milk

6-03 187 1900 070 3.7% 062 3.3%

6-10 297 3330 117 3.5%102 3.1%

7-10 273 3310 119 3.6% 97 2.9%


PTI 169 194

PTA 198M 3F 5P

7th direct generation "Lucky Star" from the first Lucky Star Lamancha doe we ever bred-Rosa Maria, Xquisite, Dandy, Kilter, Merit, Noteworthy and now Xhibit.

About Xhibit: Supreme All American Doe/ELITE DOE DNA TYPED Her buck kid last year --Alpha s1 Casein was A/A

"Judi, of course, loves this doe with all her milk and good looks who wouldn't? Now add to that Best Udder of Breed at "state" fair five times and Judi gets milk and Don gets an udder!

5 Times Best Udder in Show including 5 times Best Udder of Breed at The Washington State fair. As a 6 year old she was BEST UDDER IN SHOW with over 500 entries.


Xhibit's milk record is one of our best ever--in a herd known for its production. In 6 lactations she is at 23,740#'s of milk in 1993 days.

OK if you are still not impressed--how about her daughters-Zhimmer 90 EEEE, SGCH Acclaim 92 EEEE as a 4 yr. old and SGCH Accolade 92 EEEE and the prior year's Yearling Brash EEVE 89--Oh and by the way these does were sired by 3 different bucks.



Life time production as of August is 2607Days 30340 Milk1064 BF 916PS

She meets and exceeds all our goals, in addition she is giving us pause to think about adding a few new ones.

She is bred to *B Tempo Cai Daniel BUCKS.

No doe kids will be available.

xhi1  xh2 ex2  ex3  




xh1  xh2    

            Top-- Exhibit pictured as a 7 year old Summer 2014

2nd row pictures are Fall 2013 as a 6 year old and her Best Udder in Show win

Middle pictures are Spring 2012 and 2011 as a 4 and 5 year old.

the bottom row are pictures are 2010 as a 3 and 4 year old.

SGCH Lucky Star's RY Acclaim 3*M
S- +*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka Reference Buck
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M
Dandy Page

DOB 1/28/2010


LA 1-03 89 E E V E

LA 2-04 91 E E E E

LA 3-04 92 E E E E

LA 4-07 92 E E E E


1-00 316 2140 98 4.6% 98 3.7%

2-01 288 2520 112 4.4% 89 3.5%

3-00 279 2520 108 4.3% 89 3.5%

4-00 299 2060 89 4.3% 74 3.6%

5-00 266 2370 100 4.2% 83 3.5


PTI 161 204

PTA 114M 4F 4P

About Acclaim: ELITE DOE

Acclaim finished as a yearling in strong Northwest competition at 2 different shows. This is an accomplishment and gives you a clue to how nice she is.

She has continued to develop into a lovely mature doe. This doe takes the word balance to new levels and with this year's production she is reaching every goal we set for her.


After suffering an accident we retired her from our show string this year and so was dried off early to reduce chores, however she is still an important piece of our breeding program.


Acclaim Is bred to *B Tempo Cai Daniel BUCKS



acc1  acc2    

  accm2   accm3
Top-Acclaim as a 3 year old- still getting better!

Middle-- Acclaim as a 2 year old-she just gets better!

Bottom--Acclaim Spring 2011 as a yearling milker.

SGCH Lucky Star's RY Accolade 3*M

S- +*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka Reference Buck
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M Dandy Page

DOB 1/28/2010


LA 1-03 89 V V V E

LA 2-04 91 E E E E

LA 3-04 91 E E E E

LA 4-06 92 E E E E

LA 6-06 92 E E E E


1-00 309 2190 87 4.0% 88 3.6%

2-01 267 2680 106 4.0% 91 3.4%

3-00 279 2510 103 4.1% 89 3.5%

4-00 300 2160 89 4.1% 81 3.8%

5-00 267 2530 99 3.9% 87 3.4%


PTI 117 141

PTA 137M 2F 4P

About Accolade:

Accolade completed her GCH as a 2 year old. Judi loves this doe, as Judi feels she has a bit more bone and smoother blending front end Not to mention a beautiful, typey head.

Accolade is well on her way to meeting all our goals. We are very pleased with the milking daughters from her son- BRAVO, Courtney, Debra and Elke.

In addition her daughters Cheers, Drama and Favor are important members of our herd. She also has a beautiful senior kid in HiP-Hip. These 4 does represent breedings from 3 different sires only reinforcing the strength of this doe.


Accolade is bred to *B Tempo Cai Daniel BUCKS. Judi wanted something a bit different and maybe a bit more milk.

accr accs accuacco1 acco2 acco3

acco1 acco2


  accl1 accl2 
Top--Accolade summer 2016 as a 6 year old.

Middle-- Accolade summer 2014 as a 4 year old and as a 3 year old

Bottom- Accolade Summer 2012 as a 2 year old-- Spring 2011 on the left, on the milk stand right

SG Lucky Star's RA Cheers 4*M
S-+*B SGCH Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's RY Accolade 3*M Dandy Page

Dob 3/4/2013


LA 1-03 87 V E V V

LA 2-06 89 V E V E

LA 4-06 91 V E E E Excellent in Head, Shoulder Assembly, Back and Rump


1-00 298 1770 71 4.0% 53 3.0%

1-11 298 2620 106 4.0% 78 3.0%

2-11 305 2760 101 3.7% 81 2.9%

4-00 137 1210 42 3.5% 35 2.9% (In progress)


PTI 55 55

PTA 68 M 1F 0P

About Cheers:

Cheers is been an unassuming doe that Judi loves.

Shown only 3 times this year as a 4 year old she is starting to come into her own with 1 GCH and 2 RGCH's. She needs one more leg to add the CH to her title.

Shown only once as a yearling, she caught our attention being first of 13 at State Fair-maintaining our record of 6 years running with the first place yearling.

Cheers will be bred to Mint Leaf Elmsley BUCKS

cheers  cheerr cheeru

cheers 1  cheers2  cheers 3

ch2    ch1
Top row is Cheers as a 4 year old summer 2016.

Middle row is Cheers as a 2 year old and bottom row is Cheers as a yearling.


SG Lucky Star's LX Drama
S- *B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV XavierELITE BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's RY Accolade 3*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/23/2013


LA 1-06 87 V E V V

LA 3-06 91 V E E E Excellent in Back and Rump


1-00 305 2230 92 4.1% 79 3.5%

2-01 284 2860 107 3.7% 98 3.4%


PTI 174 155

PTA 227M 5F 8P

About Drama:ELITE DOE


Drama is a doe with a plain head and we debated keeping her, but her stature and milk production and really everything else about her won us over.


Drama will be bred to *B Goat -San Eureka BUCKS.


drams dramrdram1 dram2 dram3
Top-Drama as a 4 year old Summer of 2016

Bottom-Drama - Summer of 2014 as a yearling

SG Lucky Star's LX Epic 4*M
S- ++*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV XavierELITE BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's RY Acclaim 3*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/25/2014


1-00 305 2260 108 4.6% 82 3.6%

2-00 143 1520 61 4.0% 49 3.2% (in progress)


LA 2-06 90 V E E E

ETA 104 135

PTA 215M 8F 7P

About Epic:ELITE DOE

Epic has continued her winning ways as a 2 year old being shown 6 times-- 4 times first and 2 times second.

She was the third place, second mammary at the 2015 national show. This is one of Don's, far and away favorite does in a long time. And why not she milks well, shows well and appraises well.

Epic will be bred to *B Tempo Cai Daniel BUCKS.


See Epic's very pretty 2016 kid-Hero and 2015 dry yearlin- Fable. We have decided to breed her to a third buck. Who could resist the opportunity to line breed on Vivian.

epics epicr

epicr  epics

Top Epic as a two year old Summer 2016

Bottom -Epicas a yearling -- Summer of 2015

SG Lucky Star's LX Favor
S- *B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's RY Accolade 3*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/5/2015


1-01 145 1130 35 3.1 33 2.9% (In progress)


LA 1-06 87 V V E E


ETA 83 104

About Favor:

Favor did herself no favors by having a single doe kid and being an "easy keeper" (read fat). She was shown 3 times and was 2nd all three times with 1 first mammary. We think she deserves a second chance.

Favor is bred to *B Tempo Cai Daniel BUCKSAlthough we love her 2016 kid, Humble Pie, we like the dairy character we are seeing in the Eureka kids.

favs  favr

Favor - Summer of 2016

SG Lucky Star's LX Frolic 5*M
S- *B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's RA Cheers 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/04/2015


1-01 150 1550 47 3.0% 47 2.5% (in progress)


LA 1-06 88 V E E E Excellent in Shoulder Assembly, Front Legs and Rump.


ETA 52 61

About Frolic:

Frolic shows all the dairy strength you would expect from a Cheers/Xavier cross. We Call her little Vivian as she bears a striking resemblence to Vivian as a kid except with a more correct head.

Frolic has been bred to *B Barnowl Hanuman BUCKS.

We like her 2016 Kid Hoopla, but we love Zoren's daughters in the Rockin-CB herd.

frolic frolic    
Frolic --Summer 2016

SG Vineyard View Kauai Azalea

S- *B Kastdemur's Kauai

D- Vineyard View CU Anzu

DOB 2/28/2015


1-01 162 1080 46 4.3% 46 3.3% (in progress)


LA 1-06 87 V E E V Excellent in Rump.


PTA 66M 4F 3P

About Azalea: Azalea was our Colorama sale purchase at this year's national show. We are excited to add this doe to our herd. She is coming along nicely and we look forward to refreshining her as a 2 year old.




Azalea is bred to*B Tempo Cai Daniel BUCKS

aza   azau

Azalea - Summer of 2016