Vivian's Family

Many years ago we purchased a doe from Quixote Lamanchas, Quixote Jo's Noelle. She was a lovely doe (and Monet's sister) and we bred her to +*B Lucky Star's 3D Natural- a Dandy son. This produced GCH Lucky Star's Natural Raquel, Vivian's Dam, making Vivian closely related to Xhibit on the dam line as well as having a comon sire- Thrill.

Vivian and offspring are shown here. This family is noted for their all around good type as well as milk and showability.Not to mention our first 94 EEEE doe.


Kids from the Vivian family can be found on the Vivian kids page.

SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M

S- *B Little Orchard Pure Thrill Reference Bucks
D- GCH Lucky Star's Natural Raquel 3*M
Reference does

DOB 4/2/2005


LA 6-04 93 E E E E

LA 7-04 93 E E E E

LA 8-04 93 E E E E 3 different appraisers

LA 9-05 94 E E E E

1-10 342 3300 147 4.4% 113 3.4%
2-10 304 3540 160 4.5% 119 3.4% Top Ten

3-09 303 2450 113 4.6% 81 3.3%

4-10 313 2390 115 4.8% 85 3.6%

5-10 305 3480 152 4.4% 116 3.3% Top Ten

6-10 305 3410 151 4.4% 112 3.3% Top Ten

6-10 364 3780 169 4.5% 125 3.3% extended

8-00 272 2520 102 4.0% 85 3.4%

8-11 291 2620 114 4.4% 86 3.3%

her 9th and 10th lactation we ended at 148 and 161 days to reduce our chores.

PTI 145 141

PTA 131M 5F 5P

About Vivian: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/A

Vivian was recently confirmed to be one of the very few does who appraise 94 E E E E we were honored and thrilled with this news!

Vivian was shown 4 times in 2011 going BEST IN SHOW the first 3 times and Reserve Grand behind Xhibit at "State Fair". Shown only once in 2012 she was 2nd in Champion Challenge at State Fair. Shown only once in 2013 she was 3 place Champion Challenger behind Xhibit and "Fish". We were delighted for this 8 year old to be so competitive. In 2014 she was first place as a 9 year old in the over 7 year old class.


Vivian is turning into quite the brood doe with 7 very pretty daughters. Several daughters and a son are leaving their mark in our herd.

As a two year old one of Vivian's "firsts" was at the 2007 national show out of 55 entries!

Her fore udder extension is excellent, the height and width of rear udder is also very good. She is a tall (34" as a 3 yr. old) and is a very long doe, but it is her extraordinary mammary that catches everyone's attention.

She does have a plain (strong) head.

She milks well, shows well and appraises well, yet another doe to reach all our goals. In addition, she produces beautiful offspring.

She is bred to Mint*Leaf Elmsley BUCKS . We liked the doe kid from last year Holly Hunter Kids Vivian so are repeating this breeding.

viv1 viv2 vivi3

viv1 viv2 viv3

    viv1   viv2  viv3      

 Top 3 pictures are of Vivian as an 9 year old-She continues to age beautifully.

Next 3 pictures are of Vivian as an 8 year old.

2 pictures are Vivian as a 7 year old in September 2012.

Next Vivian as a 6 year old Spring 2011 on apprisal day.

Bottom 4 are from her 3 year old year

No matter which way you take a picture--this doe is special.

SGLucky Star's AV Yvonne II 5*M LA 90


SG Lucky Star's AV Zsa Zsa 5*M LA 90


A Vivian daughter Past does


A Vivian daughter who has moved to a new farm. Reference does

SGCH Lucky Star's AZ Anjelica 5*M
S- *B Alder*Rose Zakharov Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/12/2010


LA 1-04 V V V E 88

LA 2-05 V E E E 90

LA 3-04 V E V E 90

LA 4-05 E E E E 91

LA 6-06 E E E E 92


1-01 286 2130 92 4.3% 71 3.3%

2-00 305 2330 103 4.4% 77 3.3%

3-00 313 2470 111 4.5% 85 3.4%

4-00 299 2700 118 4.4% 87 3.2%

4-11 422 3230 124 3.8% 102 3.2%

6-03 94 840 33 3.9% 25 3.0% (in progress)


PTI 64 87

PTA 32M 5F 2P

About Anjelica:

Angelica quickly made a mark in the show ring and received lots of attention with her lovely capacious mammary as a yearling. She came back to the show ring as a 2 year old placing first in her class 4 times and 2- RGCH and 1-GCH with one BEST IN SHOW and 2 times BEST UDDER OF BREED and 1 time BEST UDDER IN SHOW at the large North West Oregon dairy goat show in June.

As a 3 year old she finish earning her GCH in the competitive northwest with 2 GCH wins and we were delighted.

Anjelica is producing close to 3,000 this year and has plenty of butter fat and protien- a cheese makers delight.

She will be bred to *B Goat-San Eureka BUCKS We are loving how long and dairy the Eureka daughters are, so thought this would be an interesting breeding.



anj anjr


anj1 anj2 anj3

ang1  ang2


        Top- Anjelica as a 6 year old August 2016

Middle-Anjelica pictured as a 3 yr. old in June 2013 and as a 4 yr. old in August 2014

Bottom -Anjelica pictured as a 2 year old spring 2012

SG Lucky Star's TA Bette Davis 5*M
S- *B Tempo Apolo Ono Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Dandy Page

DOB 2/19/2011


LA 1-05 E E E E 89

LA 2-03 E E E E 90

LA 3-04 E E E E 92


1-00 305 2440 108 4.4% 84 3.4%

1-00 322 2510 113 4.5% 87 3.5% extended

2-00 279 2160 87 4.0% 74 3.4%

3-00 286 2470 103 4.2% 81 3.3%

3-11 305 2820 119 4.2%98 3.5%


PTI 127 132

PTA 105M 4F 5P

About Bette Davis:

1st place 4 year old at the 2015 National Show-she is really coming into her own as she matures.

Yet another "Excellent" Vivian daughter. She has many 1st place wins and a few RGCH's and we look forward to continuing to show this doe.


With a high test of 13.3#'s, an all E appraisal score as a yearling and an EC CH daughter-Charlize (owned by Babcock's) what more could you want? She is the doe most like her dam. And look at her solids-great milk.

She had the 4th beautiful doe kid from Bravo-- EC,EC, EC- EC overall as a kid and is now a lovely milker--Elke see below. Her 3 year old daughter, Debra, is also pictured below.

Bette Davis is bred to Mint*Leaf Elmsley BUCKS. She did not settle as a 5 year old. First DOE kid will be retained.

Her Buck from Bravo is ALpha s1 Casein A/A.


bet1 bet2 bet3

bet1  bet2  bet3


Top-- Bette Davis as a 4 year old at Natinals-2015

Middle-- Bette Davis as a 3 year old August 2014

Middle-- Bette Davis as a 2 year old summer 2013

Bottom -Bette Davis pictured as a yearling summer 2012

SG Lucky Star's LB Courtney
S- *B Lucky Star's RA Bravo BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's AZ Anjelica 5*M

DOB 2/26/2012


LA 1-03 V V E V 87

LA 2-04 V E E E 90

LA 4-04 V E E E 91


1-01 282 1570 68 4.3% 61 3.9%

2-00 305 2490 109 4.4% 91 3.7%

3-00 300 2470 102 4.1% 91 3.7%

4-00 183 1560 63 4.0% 59 3.6% (in progress)


PTI 49 79

PTA 3M 1F 2P

About Courtney:

After every Bravo kid from the Vivian family was spoken for-Don put his foot down and said he got to keep at least one. And since this one had a a spiffy bracelet and liked him-she was his choice.

Courtney is living up to all our hopes that we have had for her. Placing first when shown and both a GCH and RGCH win to her credit.

As a 4 year old she added another RGCH.


Coutrney will be bred to *B Rockin-CB RCC Draco BUCKS

We are repeating the breeding that produced beautiful kids this past several springs all who have been sold. We may just keep a doe kid this year.

See the beautiful Felecity in Riley Blomquist's herd.


court courtr

cou1 cou2 cou3

Top-- Courtney at 4 years old-- August of 2016

Middle-- Courtney at 2 years old-- Spring and summer 2014

Bottom-- Courtney at 1 year old-- Summer 2013

SG Lucky Star's LB Debra
S- *B Lucky Star's RA Bravo BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's TA Bette Davis 5*M LA 90 EEEE Vivian page

DOB 2/23/2013


LA 1-05 V V + V 86

LA 3-05 V E E E 91

Excellent in Head, Shoulder Assembly, Back and Rump


1-00 305 1780 69 3.9% 64 3.6%

2-00 341 3040 118 3.9% 108 3.6%

3-01 157 1550 60 3.9% 53 3.4% (in Progress)


PTI 77 80

PTA 98M 2F 6P

About Debra:

Debra has had a stellar show career so far with many firsts and a few seconds. We are very pleased with how she is developing. Slow and sure.

We think the future is bright for this promising doe.


Debra will be bred to *B Rockin-CB RCC Draco BUCKS Repeating a breeding that has already produced 4 very nice does. See one we kept, Faye, this year below and Helen Hayes. Kids


debr debs

deb2  deb2

deb1  deb2
Top -- Debra as a 3 year old 2016

Middle-- Debra as a 2 year old 2015

Bottom--Debra as a yearling-- Summer 2014

SG Lucky Star's LB Elke
S- *B Lucky Star's RA Bravo BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's TA Bette Davis 5*M LA 90 EEEE Vivian page

DOB 3/10/2014


LA 2-05 V E E E 89 Excellent in Head, Shoulder Assembly and Rump


1-01 238 1480 58 3.9% 51 3.4%

2-00 177 2180 75 3.5% 64 2.9% (in Progress)


PTA 101M 4F 4P

About Elke:

Last year we said--Elke is a very promising yearling who unfortunately contracted mastitsis at the national show due to our poor management. We are looking forward to her refreshening and milking from both halves in 2016.


Yep she came back with a venence and looks to milk over 3,000 as a 2 year old.


We think the future is bright for this promising doe.


Elke is bred to *B Goat-San Eureka BUCKS

elker elkes elkeu

elke side      elke rear
Top is Elke as a 2 year old-- August 2016

Bottom is Elke as a yearling-- Summer 2015

SG Lucky Star's LD Fannie 5*M
S- *B Lucky Star's KL Doubleplay BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Vivian page

DOB 1/28/2015


LA 1-06 V V E V 86


1-01 1220 51 4.2% 43 3.53 (In Progress)


PTA 113M 6F 5P

About Fannie: ELITE DOE

We are so pleased to have another Vivian daughter, however we find her head disappointing.

She is looking for just the right home. She is tall, long, level and looks like she will follow in the other family members foot steps except for her head.


Fannie Is bred to Mint Leaf Elmsly BUCKS. Repeating kids we liked a lot and whose heads were more pleasing,. also were early picks from customers.

fans fanr    
Fannie-- Summer 2016

Lucky Star's RD Faye
S- *B Rockin-CB RCC Draco BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's LB Debra 6*M Vivian page

DOB 3/20/2015


LA 1-05 V E E V 88


1-00 155 1130 37 3.3% 36 3.2% ( in Progress)


PTA 106M 4F 6P

About Faye:

We love this party colored doe and for her to stay with those marking you know how nice she is. Very long and tall she is one more reason to repeat the Draco Debra breeding..



Faye is bred to *B Goat-San Eureka BUCKS


faye fayr      
Faye-- Summer 2016