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Born January 4, 2015

This lovely litter has 5 males and 8 females in it. The sire of these puppies is our prefectly serious Tony. Tony is all about work. See Tony's page.

Our plan is for this to be the last Lucky Star Farm litter and beautiful Abby will be spayed.

Can you determine the theme for the their puppy names?


Below are Puppies one week old pictures. . Return to Abby's Page


Dela the first born, A very dark and confident girl


Penny is another very dark and large girl-another Abby?


3George is classic fawn male.


York is a very laid back large male and dark fawn.


Hamp is the largest male and already has a classic ASD look to his head.


6Jersey is a large light fawn sweety.!


North is our pretty dutch boy.


Isla looks to be the darkest female-her name is the trickest.


Carol is another light fawn large female. also a sweety



Mary yet another very dark.. She is a very busy pup and a middle sized girl..


12Connie is our balanced girl a little white, a little red and sweet as can be.


Virginia is the lucky 13. white toes-- looks to be RED and already a mind of her own. Yes Virginia you have a twin.