Lucky Star's Halim Koruyucu (Gentle Protector)
AKC/UKC Registered

Red with Black Mask • Born March 8, 2001

Sire: Pasha
Dam: Zoë

Halim Photos at 2 years old

Halim (Hal) was the pup in the litter that most resembled Pasha very early on. We wanted another challenge! So Halim was chosen to stay. So far he is everything we had expected. Smart, stubborn and a true look alike for our beloved Pasha. He loves people, he is great with the livestock, but most of all so far he is willing to sleep in the house with Judi! ( We'll see how long that will last.)

Well, the sleeping in house didn't last long at all. A June 17th kid caught Hal's attention, so to the barn he moved. (Too bad Judi!) He has become the best guardian to date (and at our house that is saying something!)
This extraordinary pup is very attached to the goat kids. He is outstanding with newborns as this January 2002 picture shows. These kids are minutes old. The caring instincts of this pup are truly amazing.

Update March 2003- Hal continues to develop as an outstanding livestock dog. He is gentle, watchful and very protective of "his" kids. He is great with children and tolerant of new adults.

HALIM PIC with kids at
10 months old!

Halim Photos at 9 Weeks!

I was sure I could still
fit through here!!!

On my human "Mom"
is a good place to sleep.

It's my turn to watch the ducks.

Don't I look like my Dad??