Reference Sires
These bucks we have used in the past and are
presented for your reference.

Order is Random - Usually most recently used near the top.


                  *B Lucky Star's TR Sidewinder
           Altrece Pepito
                  CH Altrece Breathtaking
   Sire--Altrece AP Very Berry-(Black and Tan)
                  Altrece Zilent Weapon
           SGCH Altrece Brambleberry
                  Timbercove S Blackberry Kream
SGCH +*B Lucky Star's AV Xavier 7-05 EEE 93
                  GCH Kastdemr's Bad Habits1*M
           ++*B SGCH Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill-LA 4-5 91 VEE
                 SGCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy 9*M 5-03 EEEE 92
                  5-00 305 3261 101
   Dam-- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian LA 94 Vivian's page
                  +*B Lucky Star's 3D Natural LA 4-07 91 E E E
           GCH Lucky Star's Natural Raquel 3*M LA 90
                  GCH Quixote Jo's Noelle 2*M LA 91


PTI 179 158

PTA 229M 6F 7P


About Xavier: ELITE BUCK DNA TYPED Collection on file

Xavier has many nice milking daughters. We have his very notable milking daughters-SGCH Barani (LA 92 at 3) and a 5 yr old sold to Cindy Silva- April Fool is now SGCH and has a high test of 19 #'s. In addition to these 2 mature does Drama, Epic and Mark Baden Emerald are EEEE 92. Emmaray and Elin (cindy Silva) are EEEE 91 and a 2 year old who is VEEE 91. Several other daughters have earned many GCH legs. Many kids "Young Stock" appraise "Extremely Correct". We have also retained 5 doe kids from him.

We took Xavier to one 3 ring buck show and he was GCH in all 3 rings and BEST BUCK in SHOW in 2 rings.

His daughters exhibit his long tall frame and his milking daughters have very nice mammaries. He improves height and width of rear udder and extension of fore udder. He does not change teat placement. His daughters are milking more than their dams-some significantly more.


We have 5 of his sisters in our herd, as well as his mother. We have decided given how well his daughters have turned out we will be using him AI possible. How many bucks have a 94 EEEE, 3,000 plus top ten milking dam? They are few and far between. More importantly reproduce that good type.





Xavier at 7 years old and Xavier as a 6 year old on left

Bottom - pictured at 4 years old.

           ++*B Tan-Oak Hattie Novason (LA 89 VVE)
     ++B Tan-Oak's Novason's Landmark
             SG Tan-Oak's Fancy Jovana (LA 87 E+EV as yearling)
++*B Quixote Jo's Monet 92 EEE             

++*B GCH Quixote Mela's Fidel (91 EEE)
    GCH Quoxite Joelle 1*M (91 EEEE)
          Quixote Heloise

About Monet:
Monet is on of the most influential bucks we ever owned . He was the sweetest buck imaginable and long lived.

He will forever be missed on our farm having moved over the rainbow bridge at 12 years old.

He is represented in almost every doe on our farm. Paradigm is his last lving daughter, but there are many granddaughters for example Xhibit, Zaray and many others.

He also behind our c3 of our current top ten does as will as sire of the current life production leader in Lamanchas.

monet    monet2  monet2


Monet pictured at 10 years old on left and 8 years old on right. His wonderful head in the middle.

         Rockin-CB CTL CC-Rider           
SG *B Rockin-CB RCC Draco LA 1-5 VVV 87 DNA           
       GCH Rockin-CB KTL Yulan 3*M--6-05 92 EEEE          
*B Lucky*Star's RD Frisco

       ++*B SGCH Little Orchard Pure Thrill LA DNA 5-01 88 VVE
      SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M LA 92 EEEE DNA
           GCH Lucky*Star'sQM Noteworthy 1*M LA 6-04 90 EEEE

About Frisco: DNA Alpha s1 Casein is A/A


The best milker we have ever bred is Xhibit and this was her last son. We feel very fortunate that we were able to bring him back to the farm late this fall. We bred him to as many does as were still available.

Xhibit was many times top ten and BEST udder in show!




His Dam- Xhibit! - -Pictures of him later!

             SG +*B Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay

               SGCH Lucky*Star's RY Acclaim
         *B Lucky Star's LD Flynn
             SG Lucky*Star's TA Bette Davis 5*M 3-05 92 EEEE              (1st place 4 yr old 2015 Nat'l show)
*B Texas Girl FL Jefferson LA 2-03 87 VVE

            SG +*B Just As I Am TR Samson 4-4 89 VEE
       SG Texas Girl S Allie 6*M-- 5-2 91 EEEE
           SG Texas Girl JJW Carbon Copy 5*M 7-02 89 VEVV

               Lucky*Star's TR Same As 4*M

                 SGCH Lucky*Star's QM Paradigm    

About Jefferson: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/F

When Rhonda Gothberg, of Gothberg Cheese, offered us this beautiful son from her commercial dairy it was a no brainer for us. We wanted to be sure to retain milk and componants in our herd and the chance to line breed on Vivian and Acclaim was an added plus.


The fact that he is a very handsome guy was frosting on an already sweet deal.





Jefferson as a 2 year old.



            ++*B Rockin-CB Aces Around LA 91.
        SGCH +*B Lucky Star's Cai --- Elite Buck
            SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian 4*M LA 94 EEEE

            TOP TEN Milker 3 times
SG +*B Tempo Cai Daniel- 5-04 91 E E V
            +B SGCH Becca's Tucson (LA 92 EEE)
        SGCH Tempo Hannah 5*M (5-3 91 EEEV)

        4-08 305 2636 107 4.1% 82 3.1%
            SG Tempo Mia 4*M (LA 90 VEEE) a Kareem             Daughter


PTI 129 106

PTA 125M 6F 5P

About Daniel: ELITE DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/B

Having admired Hannah's general appearance we purchased a son 6 years ago and after producing 2 crops of kids he didn't settle any more does. We were very disappointed as we liked his daughters, so when another Hannah son became available from a Vivian son and he was already proven we jumped at the chance to buy him. Espcially as this one is from a SGCH Vivian son - CAI.

Hannah may be a "V" in mammary and not a 3,000 # milker, but her sons have proven themselves with Bode in the Southfork herd and Apolo in ours. Apolo's daughters score "E" in mammary and milk very well. Daniel's daughters in the Fir Meadow herd are also milking very well and have E's in mammary.


Daniel has a long and strong bone pattern. He is passing this long bone pattern to his daughters. His kids in our herd Jasmine (in milk) and dry Jemma, Jury, Karania, Kudos, Karma Kaffirlily, Kalmia show how well he crosses with our does.

HE IS THE SIRE OF OUR OF OUR 2018 SPOTLIGHT SALE consignment -KOLOSSUS Spotlight Sale Consignment

dan1  foot 

dnh daniel angle  


Daniel at 5 years old. He is very level walking around and the SWEETEST boy!

Judi is in love with his disposition, his feet and his daughters.

             Clovertop's Liberator (LA89 VEV)
         Rockin-CB CTL CC-Rider
             SGCH Rockin-CB LSP Vinca 3*M (LA 91 VEEE)
SG *B Rockin-CB RCC Draco LA VVV 87 as a yearling

            ++*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach (LA 88 VEE)
       GCH Rockin-CB KTL Yulan 3*M-- (92 EEEE)
          GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolina 2*M (LA 92 EEEE)    

PTI 105 94

PTA 17M 6F 3P

About Draco: DNA TYPED Alpha s1 Casein A/A
Draco is a large and dairy buck. We are very excited to have yet another relative of Vinca's to our herd. He is the tallest buck we have had with a 48 stature score as a yearling.


We are anticipating adding bone and dairy character-not to mention the high wide rear udder of his dam.


Draco kids flew (literally) out of the barn the last 2 springs.

Several have GCH legs. We are hoping to keep a few more for ourselves, but customers come first.

draco dr  

Draco as a 3 year old and as a yearling on left

             Willow Run Bugatti Spartan
    Altrece Cosmopolitan PTI 59 84
             CH Altrece Wish Granted
Mint*Leaf Elmsley LA at 2 years old V E E 90

           Mint*Leaf Kobalt
       CH Mint*Leaf Enchanted
          CH The Preference Flyer



PTA 74M 0F 2P


About Elmsley: DNA TYPED Collection on File
It was time for an outcross buck. We may keep a son over the next few years to get something not as much of an outcross, but we like to try new things and he is NEW.

He was used a limit amount and we were pleased with the few daughter we saw, so he is being used considerbly more this year.

His daughters are all EC in head and very deep in rear rib. We have not yet had a milking daughter so stay tuned.

Every Elmsley daughter has an E in head.

Young Stock Appraisal VVV Very Good overall EC in back and rump Excellent in Rump and Front legs as a 2 year old.

elm   elms elm head     

Elmsley as a 2 year old

             +*B SGCH Rockin-CB KTL Zelkova
        +*B SGCH Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around
             SGCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster 4*M (5-04 93 EEEE)
 SG +*B Lucky Star's RA Bravo 88 VEE
            +*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka
        SGCH Lucky Star's RY Accolade 3*M (92 EEEE 4 yr old)
          SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit (92 EEEE) 2010 and 2012 #1 Breed Leader



PTI 35 59

PTA 58M -1F 2P .30 T

About Bravo: ELITE BUCK DNA TYPED-Collection on File
It is rare for us to keep a buck of our own breeding and almost never a buck from a yearling, but this kid was just too correct to pass up. His mother is Judi's favorite of the Xhibit twins-Accolade.


We know he is an Aces son and that limits his use, but we want as much of Xhibit as we can get hence Bravo stays. See full sister Cheers.


This young man's milking daughters justified our decision to keep him. So correct--many were sold, but here are a few pictured on our WEB site for you to see. His kids have appraised well and shown well.

bra bravo1  bravo2  
Bravo Top Bravo as a 3 year old

On the left and center as 2 yr old and on the right as a Yearling - Pretty Boy!

            ++*B  GCH Elm Glen Brazil (88+EE)
        *B CH Kastdemur's Landslide (92 EEE)
             SGCH Kastdemur's Slice 3*M (93 EEEE) 2005 Nat'l Champion
SG +*B Lucky Star's KL Doubleplay LA VEE 89 as a yearling

           + *B SG Rockin-CB KTL Yreka
         SGCH Lucky Star's Acclaim 3*M
(LA 92 EEEE)

            SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M (LA 92 EEEE)

Multiple times Top Ten and 2 Times #1 Breed Leader. also many times Best Udder in Show.   


PTI 176 102

PTA 196M 9F 7P

About Doubleplay: DNA TYPED-Collection on File
Karen and Judi conspired to make this breeding and it was bitter sweet to have it turn out so well. We are excited to keep yet another Xhibit grandson.

His pedigree is full of National show wins, breed leaders and many very successful relatives.


See his very correct Daughter's -- Extremely Correct Emerald and Very Good Emulate



       do  do  
Doubleplay as a Yearling.

             +*B SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach LA VEE 88
        +*B SGCH Rockin-CB KTL Zelkova (91 EEE)
            GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolana 2*M( 91 EEEE)
 ++*B SGCH Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around (91 EEE as a 3 yr old)
            ++*B SGCH Kate's Kareem (90 VEEE)
        SGCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster 4*M (5-04 93 EEEE)
            Rockin-CB K Whimsy 3*M
        Prankster has numerous GCH daughters


PTI 35 31

PTA 6M 2F -1P

About Aces: DNA TYPED
Prankster is a long time favorite of ours and she had this beautiful black and tan buck so we were excited when Cindy offer to lease him to us. How many black and tan bucks come from 93 appraising, 3,000 milker with her National Show record?



We have several daughters and a son in our herd. His daughters have appraaised 86-89 and his kids are all EC or VG.


This buck contributed size and style to our herd. Thank you Cindy for yet another nice Rockin-CB buck.

aces    aces2 
Aces as a 3 year old on left and as a 2 year old on the right.

Apolo Ono
            +B Kastdemur's Sting
        SG +*B Kastdemur's Tach Lach LA VEE 88
            SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M LA 94 EEEE( Nat'l Ch)
SG +*B Tempo Apolo Ono-(Black and light Tan) 87 V E V at 2 yr.
            +B GCH Becca's Tucson (LA 92 EEE)
        SGCH Tempo Hannah 5*M (5-3 91 EEEV)

        4-08 305 2636 107 4.1% 82 3.1%
            SG Tempo Mia 4*M (LA 90 VEEE) a Kareem Daughter

PTI 106 53

PTA 122M 6F 5P

About Apolo:

Having admired Hannah's general appearance we were delighted when she had a black and cream son by Tach Lach. Hannah may be a "V" in mammary and not a 3,000 # milker, but her sons have proven themselves with Bode in the Southfork herd and Apolo in ours. Apolo's daughters score "E" in mammary and are milking exceptionally well.



Apolo is large for his age, with a long and strong bone pattern. He is passing this long bone pattern to his daughters. 3 of his 5 yearling milkers appraised 89-the highest score a yearling can get. Many dry does have earned their dry legs and appraised EC.

apolo    apolo 1
Pictured on the left as a yearling and on the right as a 2 year old.


        Kastdemur's Sting
     SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach LA VEE 88
         SGCH Kastdemur's Evian 2*M (2008 Nat'l Ch)

*B Rockin-CB KTL Yreka-(Black and light Tan)
         +B SGCH Lucky Star's QK Pinnacle (LA 93)
     SGCH Rockin-CB LSP Vinca 2*M (2-06 91 EEEE)
         GCH Rockin-CB Soon Nolina 2*M (LA 92)

Young Stock Appraisal
Extremely Correct-- EC EC EC
About Yreka:

We were very upset when we lost Yreka this year. He has made a huge contribution to the Rockin-CB herd and has many lovely kids in our herd.

He will be missed!

This will tell you how much we like Vinca (this is our second son)-she had a son by Kastdemur's Tach Lach, an Evian, son and he was Black and Tan we couldn't resist. Tach already has some very lovely daughters so this seemed a good direction to go.

They are long, flat-rumped, with outstanding breed type.

Yreka as a yearling - May 2009

Very Berry
       *B Lucky Star's TR Sidewinder
    Altrece Pepito
       CH Altrece Breathtaking
+B Altrece AP Very Berry-(Black and Tan)
       Altrece Zilent Weapon
    CH (pd) Altrece Brambleberry
       Timbercove S Blackberry Kream

LA 3-5 88 V E E June 2008

About Very Berry:

We were looking for something a bit different, but still related and we found it in the lovely Altrece herd. We didn't want to break type and loved Breathtaking when we first saw her. Then Alethea bred her to Sidewinder, a Paradigm son, and kept a son--breeding her to our newest favorite in her herd, Brambleberry-(ALC Supreme All-American), it was to good to pass up. Very Berry has that same rump and escutcheon as his dam-we are delighted.

He has lovely milking daughters in our herd.

Left Photo: Very Berry at 3 years old - June 2008.
Right Photos: Brambleberry May 2005 after she finished her GCH

        *B Kastdemur's Inside Information
    *B Kastrmur's Bad Rap
         GCH Kastdemr's Bad Habits1*M
+*B Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill
-(B&T) LA 4-5 91 VEE

        *B Lucky Star's QM Parallel (Krystal's son)
   GCH Little Orchard PL Pure Joy 9*M 5-03 EEEE 92
        GCH Little Orchard PH Pure Charm 8*M

LA 4-5 91 V E E June 2008

About Thrill:

Take the longest running Little Orchard dam line, add the most reproducible Lucky Star line and frost with Kastdemur! You'd be "Thrill"ed to have him as well. Thrill is every bit as beautiful as his pedigree would make you believe! You can see more of Thrill's relatives on the Little Orchard WEB page He has crossed exceptionally well with our herd. See --Vivian (now has a beautiful mammary), Wedgewood, and Xhibit (yep hers is great as well). His daughters are appraising 87-90 and oldest is only 3 yrs old- They are in several herds. Dandy Kids, Ebony Kids, Witch Kids He is #1 on the sire summary list. Thrill now lives with Travis McCornack, but will be used here via AI.


Left Photo: Thrill at 4 yrs. old-June 2008 and yes,"he milks as well as his daughters" (ha ha)
Right Photos: Thrill's Dam-Joy -at age 6 yrs. (92 EEEE) and Granddam Charm at 6 yrs.old. (L.A.-92) and Joy at 2 yr.

      GCH +*B Rockspring Con Del Darkness
    *B Rockspring Dark Dutch Duo ("3D")
      GCH Rockspring DB Debra Dutchess LA 91 V E E E
        (2000 Reserve Nat'l Champion)
+*B Lucky Star's 3D Natural LA 4-07 91 E E E
      +*B Clovertop's Louie Torres
    GCH Lucky Star's L Dandy 6*M LA 90

      GCH Lucky Star's QA Xquisite 5*M LA 90

About Natural:

We have always thought Dandy is one of our best, so when this lovely buck was born he was a "NATURAL" to keep as a herdsire. Natural appears to be adding length of body and width of rump, as well as increasing the bone in his daughters. His milking daughters are, Raquel who finished in 2005 with a BIS win, and Sign who looks very promising Dandy page . In addition, we are keeping Tyche (tiki) Dandy Kids and Vixey and Veronica Witch Kids. Natural is currently for sale as we feel we have used him as much as we can.

+* B Lucky Star's 3D Natural at 3 years - Semen is available from us.

used through A.I. -- Kareem now has his own page: Kareem

About Kareem:

There are pictures of Kareem and his daughters on his page and if you have any winning Kareem relatives please let us know and we will share them.

GCH ++*B Quixote Kate's Kareem

        GCH +B Amberwood Commander’s Courier LA 91
    GCH *B Jibarski Couriers Ace LA 91
        GCH K-Lou Gold Lightning 4*M
GCH +*B Windysprings High Point LA 89 V E E
        ++*B Coastside M Sea Wolf LA 90
    Windysprings Magic Sea Shine 6*M LA 90
    (2-00 305 2660 100 3.8%)
        Windysprings Merry’s Magic 5*M
         (3-11 305 3220 121 3.8%)

About Highpoint:

Highpoint has six daughter’s with GCH legs and best of all he seemed to cross very well with our herd. His most famous daughter is GCH Lucky Star's H Java owned by Pete Snyder. She has many BIS wins and appraises all E's 91. Highpoint comes from a long line of very good milkers and does of very good and excellent type. It is reflected in his daughter’s as they are all milking very well.

See Jewel Dandy's page, who remains in our herd. Highpoint was sold to Janice Frazel many years ago.

Highpoint semen can be purchased from us.

GCH ++*B Windysprings High Point

        +*B K-Lou A. Flashy Candyman LA 88*B
    Windysprings Candyman Zephyr LA 86
        Windysprings Merry Sea Breeze 5*M FS-90
GCH ++*B Winterwood's Z Firestorm FS 88 V E V
        Krishellen Shine-On's Laser LA 87GCH
     Winterwood's L Wildfire 2*MLA91
        GCH Winterwood's D Wildflower *M-FS-90

About Firestorm:

Many does in his pedigree appraise 90 or better. His daughters reflect his good type. Jasmine, Jalopeno Jalepeno's page, Krystal Ebony's page, Kitty, Lily, Limerick and Lavinia. His daughters are slow to mature, but milk well, appraise well, several have GCH legs and at least 3 are finished. He was sold to Jamie Hukill in Idaho many years ago. He has been used by several herds AI.

GCH ++*B Winterwood's Z Firestorm