GCH ++*B Quixote Kate's Kareem
        Hammerich's Voyager Z Dreyfus
  GCH +*B Quixote Mela's Fidel
      Quixote Carmela 3*M (0-11 305 2600 86 3.3%)
GCH +*B Quixote Kate's Kareem LA 5-04 90 V E E
(E in head & front legs, V all else)
      +*B Barranca Dealer's Linus LA 87
Quixote Anakate 2*M (1-00 305 2880 99 3.4%)
      Quixote Anabet 1*M (L.A.84 as a yearling)
Kareem's most notable traits in daughters are their lovely mammaries and the milk production, level topline and breed character. See daughters (GCH)
a-Llure (top ten as a 2 yr old), Narnia and Sign Witch Page GCH Patina, Rosetta Ebony Page and Regan Dandy Page . Kids pictured are: Rowina,
Star Search Witch Kids and Silvia Dandy Kids.

This lovely Get of Sire represents not only four different dams, but four different family lines, four different owners and four different management styles! Thank you Cindy Silva, Merri Bradshaw and Kat Drovdahl for helping with this picture and the loan of your lovely does. In addition, there were two more Kareem daughters owned by Laurie Acton one scoring 89 (3rd place at the 2003 Nationals as a yearling) as a first freshener (milking through) and a second daughter scoring EEEE 91that is also a finished GCH. Once again these were 2 more dam lines, another owner and another management system. Cindy Silva also finished Kareem's son CH Lucky Star's QK Pinnacle last year. Laurie's now 4 yr old finished in 2006-Vonetta. If you have a finished KAreem daughter I have not listed please let us know.


In 2004, four more Kareem daughters have finished, GCH Lucky Star's QK Nastruium, GCH Lucky Star's QK Patina, and GCH Tempo Torvill 7*M and GCH Lucky Star's QK Rollick (a first freshening 2 yr. old). Also another son GCH Lucky Star's QK Pirate.

The summer of 2004 also saw Kareem daughters appraising very well--Patina EEEE 93, Nasturium EEEE 93, Prankster EEEV 90, Narnea VEEE 90, Regan EEEE 90, Torvil EEEE 91 and several son appraising 90 or better.

So far this year, 2006, several more daughters have been added to the Kareem "(90 or better list" Our own Star Search, Merrihill Farm's Navigating Your Heart and Tempo's Vonetta and Mia.


GCH Lucky Star's QK a-Llure 5*M
Pictured at 3 years old-June 2001
LA 5-03 90 V E E E
1-10 300 3330 120 3.6% 104 2.9% (TOP TEN)
2-10 301 3780 152 4.0% 118 3.1% (TOP TEN)
3-09 305 3190 122 3.8% 96 3.0% (TOP TEN)
4-10 305 3200 120 3.8% 95 3.0%

ALC All-American 3 yrs in a row


GCH Lucky Star's QK Patina
Patina has been GCH 5 of 7 times this yr with 24, 28 and 35 Lamancha milkers. Including BIS at "state" fair.
LA 3-6 E E E E 93
1-11 305 3330 112 3.4% 102 3.1% (1st lact.)
2-10 229 2880 106 3.7% 90 3.1% (in progress)

ALC All-American Senior Kid


GCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster
2nd place 2 year old at 2003 Nationals


Lucky Star's QK Rosetta
-EC as a Kid-pictured here as an immature yearling.


Lucky Star's QK Narnia 4*M
Pictured -2 yr old-May 2002/3 yr old Aug 2003
0-11 303 2020 69 3.4% 67 3.3%
1-10 150 1540 54 3.5% 49 3.2%IP
LA 4-07 E V E E 90
ALC All-American Yearling Milker


Lucky Star's QK Regan
Regan now is showing well as a milker and earned her dry leg and was
Best In Show in 2002
LA 2-07 E E E E 90
1-00 305 2190 88 4.0% 73 3.3%


Lucky Star's QK Star Search
Kareems' newest EC daughter in our herd.
Star is the newest Kareem success story with first in the show ring, 2320 in the milk pail and LA90 She is the full sister to CH Lucky Star's QK Rollick owned by Jean and Harold MIller.


Lucky Star's QK Rowina
Another EC daughter
Rowina has freshened with a lovely mammary and is being shown by Kathryn Allen

Kareem Daughters
In addition, to the does listed below, there are at least 10 other Kareem daughters and several sons with GCH legs. We recommend using Kareem semen on does who do not need improved length of neck, length of body or increased stature or strength. He has been very successful in improving mammary (especially fore-udders and teat placement), milk production, rear leg set, rumps and breed character. (Semen is sold out!)