Vivian Family 2019 Kids

Johansen's 2019 daughter--Lucky*Star's RJ Lupino (AI) Litter sister to our new junior herd sire.

Debra's 2019 daughter--Lucky*Star's RJ Liv

Experimental Does--Kids will be American Lamanchas

Jamaica's 2019 daughter--Lucky*Star's RJ Lithuania

Kalipso''s 2019 daughter--Lucky*Star's HJ Lindy Rose


ALPINE 2019 Daughter-- Lucky*Star's LA Lupin Rose and Lily Rose these mid- May kids will not be bred this year.



Lucky*Star's HD Lupino AI
S- *B Huricane-PM HWS Decadent
D- SG Lucky*Star's ME Johansen 5*M 2-04 92 EEEE Vivian page


DOB 3/4/2019



About Lupino:

Lupino is everything we wanted when we made this AI breeding (of course her brother was pretty important as we planned to keep him when we made the breeding). She even has a "black belly" which we we really like. Large, with lots of dairy strength she is a nice addition to our herd. She was the first place Interemediate kid at the competitve Washington State Fair.


Lupino will be bred to *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS



lupin lup3lup4

  Summer 2019

Lucky*Star's RJ Liv
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LB Debra 6*M Vivian page


DOB 4/13/2019



About Liv:

Liv has had our attention from her birth. She is a striking doe kid. Debra has not had a doe kid for a few years so we are glad to see this one. We love to see Debra's long, level rump passed on to this doe kid.


Liv is bred to *B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi BUCKS



 Summer 2019

Lucky*Star's RJ Lithuania

Experimental 75% Lamancha
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's BH Jamaica Rose 50% Lamancha

DOB 3/18/2019


About Lithuania:

Lithuania is the very pretty doe kid who looks very much like a Lucky*Star Lamancha. She has very nice dairy strength and lots of length of body. She was the second Place March kid at the Washington State fair and Reserve Grand Champion. This allowed Maddy to sign her first report of awards on her own bred doe.


Her doe kids with be Amercain Lamanchas.


Lithuania is bred to*B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi.BUCKS



Summer 2019

Lucky*Star's HJ Lindy Rose

S-Heart Mt Jorah Reference Bucks
D- Lucky*Star's TD Kalipso Rose Vivian page

DOB 4/1/2019


About Lindy:

Lindy, aside from being the wrong color is a nice doe kid. very long a typey Lamancha. She was the first place April Kid at the Washington State Fair.


She is bred to *B Lucky*Star's RD Frisco BUCKS





Summer 2019