Vivian Family 2016 Kids

Vivian's 2016 daughter--Lucky Star's ME Holly Hunter

Debra's 2016 daughter--Lucky Star's RD Helen Hayes

Elke's 2016 daughter --Lucky Star's GE Hilary (Duff)

Faye's 2016 daughter --Lucky Star's LX Hope

Anjelica's 2016 daughter --Lucky Star's RD Hedda-Sold


This year we kept quite a few kids from this very successful family. Many will be for sale as yearling milkers in the spring.


Order your kids from this family early!

Lucky Star's ME Holly Hunter
S- Mint Leaf Elmsley BUCKS
D- SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Vivian 4*M Vivian page

DOB 2/10/2016


Young Stock Appraisal V EC EC Very Good overall

With an Extremely Correct in Head so hoping this will be a Vivian daughter who stays.

About Holly Hunter:

We are pleased to have another Vivian daughter. Holly is correct enough for us to repeat this breeding.


Holly Hunter will be bred to Goat San Eureka BUCKS the cross we have been planning since the purchase of these 2 bucks.

holly    hollys
Holly Hunter-- Summer 2016

Lucky Star's RD Helen Hayes
S- *B Rockin-CB RCC Draco BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's LB Debra 6*M Vivian page

DOB 4/7/2016


Young Stock Appraisal V EC EC Very Good overall

With an EC In Rear Legs and Rump

About Helen Hayes:

Helen Hayes is consistent with the other does from this breeding and we will be repeating it again. See how lovely her sister Faye has turned out.

Dairy strength and oh so correct.



Helen Hayes will be bred to *B Barnowl Hanuman BUCKS

helen      helens
Helen Hayes-- Summer 2016

Lucky Star's GE Hilary (Duff)
S- *B Goat-San Eureka BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's LB Elke 6*M Vivian page

DOB 3/18/2016


Young Stock Appraisal V EC EC Extremely Correct Overall With an EC In Rear Legs

About Hilary (Duff):

We loved the doe kid from last year, but in a rush to cut back she was sold as a dry yearling in early spring. So we were doubly glad to have another Elke daughter. We think she is prettier on the move and the appraiser certainly liked her, with an Extremely Correct appraisal.


Hilary (Duff) will be bred to *B Barnowl Hanuman BUCKS


Lucky Star's LX Hope
S-+*B SGCH Lucky*Star's AV Xavier Bucks
D- Lucky Star's RD Faye Vivian page

DOB 4/9/2016


Young Stock Appraisal V EC V Very Good Overall With an EC In Rear Legs and Rump.

About Hope:

Hope is yet one more beautiful Xavier kid. We love her yearling dam, so much we just had to keep Hope.

She represents everythign we love about Xavier daughters.



Hope will be bred to *B Barnowl Hanuman BUCKS


hope  hopes

Hope-- Summer 2016 at 5 months old