Vivian Family 2018 Kids

Anjelica's 2018 daughter--Lucky Star's LJ Kim

Courtney's 2018 daughter--Lucky Star's RJ Keira

Faye's 2018 daughter--Lucky Star's TJ Kizzy


ALPINE/Lamancha Rosy's 2018 Daughter-- Lucky*Star's TD Kalipso Rose and 2017 Daughter Jamaica Rose.



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Lucky Star's LJ Kim
S- *B Lucky Star's GE Jester Reference Bucks
D- SGCH Lucky Star's AZ Anjelica 5*M Vivian page


DOB 2/3/2018



About Kim:

This is a very correct senior kid. We realized when we wrote this that she didn't get shown. Clearly an over sight on our part.



Kim has been bred to*B Texas Girl FL Jefferson BUCKS a line breeding on Vivian.


kim kim1 Kim2

Summer 2018

Lucky Star's RJ Keira
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS
D- SG Lucky Star's LB Courtney 6*M Reference Does


DOB 3/1/2018



About Keira:

This young beauty went out to her first show and was not just GCH earning her dry leg, but also was Best Junior Doe In Show. She was also part of BEST in SHOW Breeders Trio at the Washington Stae Fair.


Keira will be bred to *B Texas Girl FL Jefferson. Stay tuned for maybe something special.


ke  kei kei1

 Summer 2018

Lucky Star's TJ Kizzy
S- *B Texas Girl FL Jefferson BUCKS
D- Lucky Star's RD Faye 7*M Vivian page

DOB 3/23/2018


About Kizzy:

Kizzy is the very pretty Faye daughter we have waited for. She has style and dairy character-- along with her roaning.


This doe is special.


Kizzy will be bred to *B Rockin-CB KWYJiangxi BUCKS


ki  kiz

Summer 2018

Lucky Star's BH Jamaica Rose

S-*B Barnowl Hanuman Reference Bucks
D- Olentangy Andretti Tellurous Vivian page

DOB 5/1/2017


Lucky Star's TD Kalipso Rose


S-+*B telpo Cai Daniel BUCKS
D- Olentangy Andretti Tellurous Vivian page

DOB 3/4/2018


About Jamaica:

We knew we were done in when Jamica was born with a cute pink nose, frosted elf ears and even spots. OH BOY! however reality set in and we need to find a pet home for Jamica. LOOKING FOR A HOME!

Jamaica is Bred to *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi BUCKS



About Kalipso:

Kalipso is a very large growthy kid and we were hoping to carry her as a dry yearling, however her condition and size makes it look like she will be bred, which buck is still being debated.

Jamaica is Bred to *B Heart Mt. Jorah BUCKS


head    kal

Jamica Summer 2017 and Kalipso Summer 2018