With "his" kitten-- Patches

At 8 weeks

Watching the granddaughter!

With the Dairy Goats


Amir Emniyet of Lucky Star (Chief of Security)
AKC Registered, ASDCA registered

Fawn with Black Mask

Born November 29, 2005

Worf was purchased because we were very fond of his mother. From the beginning he has been an extraordinary guard for our dairy goats, family and farm. He is definitely the milking does favorite Anatolian. They let him wash their faces, sleep next to them and jump in and out of their pasture over their heads! He is distraught when we take them away to shows.

Worf is equal good at watching the overall farm and especially good with our granddaughter. He minds her almost better then anyone else. She is a very firm young lady (Don says her grandmother's granddaughter).