At 6 weeks--I already have my Anatolian "watch" down pat.

ziva 4
Ziva at 4 weeks -
Check out my tail!


At 7 weeks I'm perfecting that "watch"!

At 5 weeks-I'm going places


Lost Armadillo's Kizil Ziva
AKC/UKC Registered

Sire Ilias -- Dam Ima
Red with Dutch Markings
Born Sept 13, 2009

Ziva is a long awaited addition to our farm. We had delayed getting a new ASD for a very long time and now we know why. We were waiting for Ziva!


She is a lovely combination of beauty and brains. Ziva is a spayed female who spends her life loving and being loved by her dairy goats. She stays up nights barking at cougars. Sleeps days-usually.

Thank you Kim Gray for the pictures of Ziva's first 8 weeks.

pups and judi

My new Mom meets me for the first time--
She cried--what was that about?


Looks like I fit in rather well!

but what's with the cats


Ziva after a mouse under the watchful eye of Worf.

Worf showed Ziva where to find it and then she took over.

It is hard to sleep with these pests!

She is a very attentive & outstanding
livestock dog at 6 months old.


She really does love her dairy goats. Ziva and Cheers curled up for a nap.