Tipi and Jazz taking it easy.


KJH Ças Yildiz (Jazz Star)
And Lucky Star's Usta Tipi (Foreman Blizzard)

Both are Dark Fawn with Black Masks

Jazz in the snow.

Tipi worried about something!


Jazz is a rough-coated spayed female. She is a bit on the small side, but a fierce protector of the farm perimeter. She is especially watchful at night. She intensely dislikes unfamiliar dogs, coyotes and any small game. She is excellent with small children and loves company, but is very quiet in her requests for attention.

Tipi, a neutered male, is the great protector of all the cats (13) on the farm. He is also very fond of the chickens, ducks and geese. Pasha never would let him near the goats when he was a lively puppy so he found his own things to guard. He is our 17 year-old son, Jay's dog. Jay takes great pride in Tipi's very good training and excellent manners.
Tipi also loves most company. He only requires that you leave the cats, especially kittens, on the ground.