Zaray Family 2019 Kids


Barani's 2019 daughter --Lucky*Star's RJ Lara

Jemma's 2019 daughter --Lucky*Star's RJ Luster


Barani's last daughter is a beauty!

Lucky*Star's RJ Lara
S-*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi "JAX" Bucks

D-SGCH Lucky Star's LX Barani 5*M LA 92 Ebony Page

DOB 3/14/2019


About Lara:

Lara is a striking long sought after daughter of our beloved Barani. We hope she carries on this family tradition of excellent production and General Appearance. Don't worry those rumps are always the level ones as they mature.


Lara will be bred to *B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi Bucks

This is a line breeding on our beautiful Vivian. who won't want to line breed on a 94 appraising top ten doe?




lara lara3 lra4

Summer of 2019




Lucky*Star's RJ Luster
S- *B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi "JAX" Bucks
D- Lucky Star's TD Jemma 5*M LA 89 as a first freshener Ebony Page

DOB 4/1/2019




About Luster:


Luster was the sleepy "little" sister we kept because ...She has turned into a very correct pretty doe kid and we are pleased she is part of the group. Her dam has an outstanding mammary and apprasied 89 EEEE as a first freshener. She is a special doe and this kid follows suit..


Luster will be bred to *B Lucky*Star's HD Lugosi Bucks

Another line breeding on our beautiful Vivian.






 lust lus3



Summer 2019


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