Zaray Family 2021 Kids


Jemma's 2021 daughter --Lucky*Star's KV Nepheline

Luster's 2021 daughter --Lucky*Star's LL Nuance



Lucky*Star's KV Nepheline AI
S-+*B Kastdemur's Vicco DNA

D-SG Lucky Star's TD Jemma 6*M LA 89 EEEE as a 1st freshener Zaray Page DNA


DOB 3/8/2021


About Nepheline: DNA TYPED

"Nephy" is a stylish and promising kid. She has very strong general Appearance on both sides of her pedigree.


Nepheline is bred to +*B Rockin-CB KWY Jiangxi Bucks




nephy2  neph1

August 2021




Lucky*Star's LL Nuance
S-*B Lucky Star's HD Lugosi DNA

D-SG Lucky Star's RY Luster 7*M Zaray Page DNA

Luster is a lovely Jemma daughter who milked 3229 as a yearling. she was one of many nice does we sold in the spring.

DOB 5/8/2021


About Nuance:

Nuance is a stylish and promising kid. She has The strength of bone we wanted to get from this breeding.


Nuance will be a dry yearling this year,



  nu1   nu2

August 2021





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